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Funny / Heisei Rider Vs Showa Rider Kamen Rider Wars Featuring Super Sentai

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  • After finding out that DenLiner can combine with TokkyuOh, Den-O has the spot replacing the Red Ressha, when Daigo notices this, he claims that its wrong and literally knocks DenLiner off.
    • Even funnier is the announcement:
  • Takeshi Hongo when he encounters Kota, says this gem:
    Takeshi: Armored Rider... don't make me laugh!
  • In the middle of Tsukasa's conversation with Kouta and friends, we hear "ONORE, DECADE!" and everyone turns around to see a three inch-tall Narutaki standing on the fruit basket. Tsukasa tries to jab him with a fork.
  • The way that Kaito Kumon hunts down lost pets. He throws playing cards like a projectile in order to stop a turtle of all things and then gets knocked into the pond by a dog that Shotaro had been chasing earlier.
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  • Following Takumi being thrown off his bike by Badan, Tsukasa enters the situation approaching the Badan general with an incredibly cocky demeanor and asks if they would like to try attacking him instead. The appropriately predatory-looking smile on his face when he appears is just the icing on the cake.
  • When Decade and Fifteen duel on the beach, the former criticizes the latter for egotistically being named after a bigger number.
  • The little announcement for the Gaim lockseed:
  • Kouta's transformation into Ichigo Gaim: A generally serious scene, but it's hard not to laugh when a giant strawberry drops from the sky and Kouta decides to weaponize his Transformation Sequence by holding onto Fifteen long enough for the Arms to smack Fifteen upside the head, then kicks it towards Fifteen like it's a soccer ball for good measure.

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