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Awesome / Heisei Rider Vs Showa Rider Kamen Rider Wars Featuring Super Sentai

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  • The return of Faiz and Kaixa. With no Fake Shemps for either of them. It's still really early, but this is a REALLY good sign.
    • And now X, a Showa rider, is returning as himself, which makes things even better.
    • And of course, Hiroshi Fujioka himself as Kamen Rider #1.
    • And now, we bring in ZX himself, one of four Showa Riders who only had a movie appearance.
    • New scans show Kamen Rider Gaim with a new form: Ichigo Arms
  • After a VERY close race, the winner of the Heisei vs. Showa voting ended up being the Heisei Riders!
    • What makes this even more awesome is if you've been following the polls closely, Showa had a massive lead early on, so everyone thought that they would win. Then everyone started voting for Heisei, who just beat Showa in the end.
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    • The ending itself is a cross between this and Heartwarming Moment: Gaim TANKS A RIDER KICK from Rider Ichigo because he saw a flower growing on the beach. This moves Ichigo to see that happiness and kindness can be strength, and stands down.
  • When Badan first shows up in Zawame, one of their generals tries to harpoon everyone so they could reach Shuu unopposed. Cue Kouta transforming into Gaim and using the Armor Parts to deflect said harpoons mid-transformation.
  • Not only did Keisuke Jin diffuse a hostage situation involving a girl under his care by talking down the criminal, he also calmly and safely disarmed the police force that would have compromised the girl's safety.
  • Decade versus Fifteen near the lighthouse, both using their Power Copying abilities against each other. Bonus points for Fifteen starting the fight using Decade Arms against a shocked Decade.
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  • A minor one, but during the animated credits sequence instead of riding a bike like the other riders Shin is sprinting!

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