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Funny / Harvest December

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  • December:
    • The narration of, "And once again we see why Mizuho Touyama is the worst Student Council President in the school's history," after being easily seduced into cutting class in the middle of it.
    • The local stores are out of crabs for the group's New Years party, so Mizuho and Yuki send Kouhei out on a crabbing ship to get some.
  • January:
    • The aftermath of poor Shirou being fed a Super Spicy Jalapeno Pepper candy. The entire town believed it to be a curse.
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    • Shiro trolling Mizuho by mimicking the Student Council treasurer and saying she has another boat load of paperwork to finish. It leaves Mizuho pleading for mercy.
    • Even though Mizuho is in the middle of a Heroic BSoD near the end, she asks Sakura to thank her grandpa for helping her out earlier. Only she's done so so many times that Sakura says her grandpa's response is, "Again, Mizuho-san?!"
  • August:
    • The entire scene at the beach from Nuki's deadly volleyball game to the scene between Kouhei and Moyori ending with, "The following has been censored for your protection," after she convinces him to apply lotion to her front.
    • Shiro's casual blasphemy (in Ruki's eyes) on bestowing her power upon humans by pointing and shouting, "Abracadabra!" instead of a lengthy ritual.
  • September:
    • A bit mean, but it's hard not to laugh when Manaka congratulates Masaki for out-doing Joseph of The Bible for taking care of two children fathered by immaculate conception.
  • October:
    • Mikami's awkward introduction followed by being ganged up on by her own ladies in waiting.
    • One again Masaki proves to be very popular when forced to wear a dress.
    • Masaki's reaction to the maid cafe, complete with a very loud, "HOLY CRAP!"
  • December:
    • At the graduation ceremony, Yuki leans in for a kiss from Masaki. And boy does he give her one in front of everybody!


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