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Heartwarming / Harvest December

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  • Kouhei taking Sanae's hand and assuring her that they'll be all right during their final stretch to reach town from the Tagami Shrine in the middle of a blizzard in the first chapter. Not only do Sanae's fears dissolve, but it's also the moment when she realizes she's in love with Kouhei.
    • From that same chapter, Masaki being more willing to risk his life than to destroy Yuki's dignity and feed Shiro's ego.
  • From January: Mizuho and Madoi's reunion at the end.
  • A brief one is Mami confessing that Takaki, her husband, was her first and only love.
  • During March, baby Ren proves that she's capable of communicating by getting Masaki and Yuki to stop arguing and apologize to each other simply by taking hold of their fingers in a vice grip and not letting go until they get it.
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  • Masaki reconciling with Ao at the end of April after he's decided to stop putting barriers around himself. The sudden change shocks Ao so much that she starts treating him as an equal rather than as a conquest.
  • Even when Shiro is Brought Down to Normal during July, a religious elderly couple still willingly gives her an offering because of how much they revere her.
    • Later on, the scene between Masaki and Shiro where he assuages the fears she's feeling over potentially getting old and dying due to having lost her powers.
  • A roundabout one during August as Masaki leaves Mami out of both fighting teams. Both because he knows Mami wouldn't be useful in an actual fight and because he doesn't want to risk his mother getting hurt.
  • Sakura wanting Ao to stay as her big sister even after Ao's spell wears off.
  • The scene between Masaki and Shiro when he takes her to the infirmary in October. It also shows how much her character's developed to that point due to her saying she just wanted to help rather than expecting everyone to wait on her hand and foot.
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  • Sanae reminding Masaki that everything will be okay by telling him, "It's us. There's nothing to worry about."
  • Shiro's absolute delight after giving birth to her new daughter on New Year's Eve.
    • Masaki formally proposing to Yuki, especially after losing his right arm to get there.


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