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Nightmare Fuel / Harvest December

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  • The prospect of Masaki and Yuki freezing to death as early as the first chapter. Sanae is rightfully scared to death of being in the same situation.
  • Shiro and Shirou getting hit by Mayoi's car at the start of May. Initially Played for Laughs in both the intro cinematic and the CG, but then the narrative has to describe the sounds of what everyone hears when they land, including both scraping and crunching bones!
  • During July, at first the minor gods are just messing around and do nothing beyond some harmless pranks. But, as the chapter continues, they start getting more and more violent. Cue a mass Oh, Crap! from everyone when they look at their map/radar and find themselves completely surrounded!
    • Masaki fears he's going to be trampled to death, which is not a pleasant way to die, after getting knocked away while protecting Mizuho.
    • And all this has nothing on the fact that Shirou literally begins to tear Shiro apart!
  • The Rokushiki ritual beginning to affect all of the girls on the island during August. A young man is just getting things from his stall when he's brutally attacked and possibly murdered by the girl he likes.
    • It gets worse: The description of Ruki's injuries are one of the reasons why the series got an M-rating on 3DS.
  • Sanae getting her leg practically torn off during November. Both the scene where she's attacked and the description of the situation during her emergency surgery inside the restaurant.


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