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Tear Jerker / Harvest December

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  • Miuzho's My God, What Have I Done? moment during January when she realizes that Madoi simply wanted to be with her rather than her spending all her time searching for his powers. When the barrier between Tagami and Sagashima that seemingly separates the two permanently erects itself, she is very-rightfully heartbroken.
  • Kouhei's indecisiveness preventing him and Sanae from being blessed by Shiro as part of a wedding ceremony. Leads to a heartbreaking scene in the rain where Sanae is finally able to outright confess to him, but he still can't be honest with himself about her.
  • Yukari's parting with Masaki, despite the fact that her entire existence was a fabrication, everything that happened was real to her.
    • Ao breaking down and bawling after she realizes she longer has a chance to be with Masaki.
  • Shiro revealing how the fathers of her children have never been present for the births and she falls so low as to beg Yuki to give Masaki back to her.
  • Kouhei and Sanae's reconciliation in the final chapter.


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