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  • In the first episode, Kajika is telling a group of female classmates about her first love. They are clearly fangirling over him... until she reveals he was a snow leopard.
  • When we first meet Harry, Kajika glomps him then slaps him because he forced to come home. Toranosuke and Lee Leng's reactions are priceless.
  • After Lee Leng sees him kissing Kajika, Rumaty goes to apologize to him, only to end up pouring water on him instead. Lee Leng's face afterwards makes him look like a child.
  • After kissing Rumaty, Kajika goes to Eugene for advice. He asks her why she went to him:
    Eugene: I won't deny it, but...
    • About a minute later:
  • Whenever Toranosuke attempts to keep track of Kajika, hilarity ensues.
  • All of episode 9. Eugene visits Japan and stays with Yui's family and claims he is Kajika's fiancé. Then Kajika, Toranosuke and Lee Leng show up.
    • Yui's brother attempting to help Eugene put on a yukata.
    • Yui and her mother fangirling over him.
    • Eugene originally showed up at Yui's school looking for her. This comes up again later when Kajika, Lee Leng and Toranosuke show up, having been told by the hotel Eugene is staying in that he asked for directions for the school.
  • Quinza screwing with Najayra.
  • Kajika blackmailing Rumaty to allow her to go on a walk with him.

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