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YMMV / Hanasakeru Seishounen

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  • Abandon Shipping: Quite a few people jumped off the Kajika/Rumaty ship when it was revealed that they were actually first cousins.
  • Accidental Innuendo: "You can touch me anytime." It is either this or Innocent Innuendo, but considering Rumaty didn't react as one would expect...
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Lee Leng. Is he really in love with Kajika and likely to stay with her or is his giving into Zao's terms proof that if things get tough in the future, he will just give up.
    • Considering how young she is and her lack of experience with relationships, is she actually in love with Lee Leng or is it more like puppy love.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: While most are fine with the ending, a lot of people think that Rumaty is a better fit for Kajika even though they are cousins. A major reason being that Lee Leng gave up and agreed to marry Ling Lee pretty quickly, something commented on in-universe. The fact that they are Birds of a Feather probably helps too. His arc is also considered to be the most interesting and he and Kajika get the most relationship development.
    • Toranosuke/Yui.
  • Foe Yay: Eugene and Najayra's interactions carry hints of this.
  • Les Yay: Yui and Kajika's interactions, especially the way Yui always flushes when Kajika's around.
  • Magnificent Bastard: With Quinza Hafez, this trope is both exaggerated and played for creepiness. It's commented on that he's too sharp, to the point that it's unnatural. All on his own, he manages to get Somand to trust him, seduce Najayra, win over the chamberlains whose jobs he had just stolen, and bring the entire country of Raginei under his thumb, before driving it into the ground.
    • Also, Harry Bursnworth. His proposal of the "marriage game" to Kajika was simply an excuse for her to actively find a partner that would go to any lengths necessary to protect her once he was gone, and in fact he had never selected any "husband candidates" in the first place, and was always planning to say that whoever Kajika thought they were were the ones he picked. At the same time, in asking Lee-Leng to protect her during the game, he not only ensured Kajika's safety, he was also Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Lee-Leng, challenging him to see if he could choose Kajika over the Huang family.
  • Squick: People can be turned off due to Kajika being 14 at the start of the series, while most of her love interests are in their early 20s. The exception being Rumaty, but that's squick for a completely different reason.
  • The Woobie: Everyone.
    • Kajika grew up completely isolated from the world with only Mustafa, Maria (and the other maids) and Lee Leng. She finally gets to meet people her age, just for her father to make her come home.
    • Rumaty also grew up isolated (albeit their were more people around) and only wanted to be close to his brother. He is 14 when he meets Kajika and before her, he had never had a real friend. Somand not the other hand was too paranoid and pushed him away. Then he sends assassins after him. He is framed for a coup and exiled.
    • Eugene. A Death Seeker bishounen who 3 women have killed themselves over. His mother committed suicide when she was 20 and he attempts to do the same. Before meeting Kajika he stated that he had no reason to live and was simply waiting for death.

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