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Funny / Haf■ˇr J˙lÝus Bj÷rnsson

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  • The entirety of the "Heavy Bubbles" commercial and its followup:
    Fan: Thor, how can I be like you, the strongest man on Earth?
    Hafthor: Go away.
    • Cut to Hafthor in a bubble bath.
    • Heavy Bubbles: Sparkling water in dumbbell-shaped bottles.
    Hafthor: It comes in 2 kilos, 5 kilos, and 10 kilos.
    -table collapses-
    • The fan asks what to do if he can't carry that much, and is told matter-of-factly that he will die (and skeletonizes all the while).
    • Hafthor claims you can work out just by carrying it back from the supermarket, walking through a large window in the process.
    Shopper: What if I bought other stuff?
    Hafthor: Don't buy other stuff.
    • "Heavy Bubbles: Sparkling Water That Makes You Sweat" and the barely-legible legal disclaimer:
    Heavy Bubbles are very heavy. Please advise a doctor before use. Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.
    • Then it turns out the first was an April Fools' Day joke, as proven by Hafthor's very first line:
    Is there something wrong with your head? Why would you believe such a thing? Plastic bottles are very bad for the planet.
    -points to muscles- This is not from carrying water, this- this is irrelevant.
    • Elevator music plays as a vapidly-smiling woman and man come out carting the sodastream appliance. Then an identical-looking man follows, bumping into the first, and backs out of the room... never losing the Stepford Smile.
    Hafthor: This is not my home, this is a set. But believe me, I have a home, not exactly like this, but also not very different. Don't be annoying.
    Sodastream: Fuck plastic bottles.
  • Icelandic Mountain Vodka, which shows a typical day for Hafthor: he wakes up, destroys his alarm clock, eats, works out, eats, goes for a walk in Reykjavik, pours vodka for friends, threatens to squish the eyes of some poor schmuck who doesn't like the vodka...

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