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Remember to put in chapter numbers (#) for reference, folks.

  • #21) Kara complaining about being the only girl on the team.
    Kara: "They could have picked another girl, but no! I got stuck with five boys! FIVE!! Didn't this world ever hear of balance?!"
  • #38) The Digidestined have just returned to the Real World after finding Ryoko's partner, and after Dai had gotten seriously injured.
    Dai: "Do you mind not flashing my bare chest to the entire world?"
    Ryoko: "Oh, please! It's not like I've never seen you naked before, and trust me, there's not much there to look at!"
    Kara: (blushing profusely) "Ryoko!"
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  • #76) I'm probably not the only one that thinks Ken throwing up in the kitchen sink after seeing DemiEmbermon was funny.
  • #86) This dialogue between Dai and Ryoko...
    Dai: "Hey! Since when have I ever done anything stupid?"
    Ryoko: "Would you like that alphabetically, chronologically, or in order of stupidity?"
  • #111) This scene...
    Benjamin: "Davis, it's good to see you again. How's Mimi doing?"
    Davis: "Considering the fact that she's pregnant again, I'd say she and Matt have been pretty busy lately! She's happy right now, but wait until her mood swings start to kick in. I remember when she was pregnant with Ryoko. She had all of us running for cover, even Matt. Especially Matt!"
    Dai: "I guess that explains a few things. Her attitude must have rubbed off on you, Ishida!"
    Ryoko: "Yeah, well I could say the same thing about you, Daichi!"
    T.K.: "Davis, not in front of the kids!"
    Davis: "What? It's not like they haven't all had 'the talk' before. They know what goes where and when. Right, Dai?"
    Dai: "Yeah, Dad. You even used props. I'll never look at tomato slices and bananas the same way again!"
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  • #119) When Palmon and Mimi reunite after fifteen years, Palmon's roots get tangled in Mimi's hair again.
  • #128) Mickey is caught wearing only a towel by the girls.
  • #131) Ryoko takes out his frustration on Piximon after seeing him for the first time in a long while...and only stops after his father tells him to, and then just nonchalantly drops the little pink digimon.
  • Pretty much the entire bit at the hot springs in Chapters 222, 223, and 225 are full of these, which include...
    • #222) Matty being upset that Hawkmon and Gotsumon (two MALE digimon) are on Takara's side of the onsen, and he feels betrayed when Celestimon (along with Halomon) jump over the barrier to Kara's side.
    • #223) Dai, in a state of panic after hearing Kara screaming, forgets to put his towel on and ends up showing Kara his digivice between his legs.
    • #225) World War VI, which started with Mimi throwing her towel at her husband after he made a snide remark, followed by Izzy, Matt, and Cody interrupting a heartwarming moment by throwing their towels at the women, leading to Rosa officially declaring war.
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  • #244) The antics of one Makku Inoue (Sam's oldest cousin on his mother's side) in this chapter.

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