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The Element of Courage

  • Flash and Twilight once again meet each other by crashing into each other. Only this time it happens to them when they are just kids, and Flash is running to get away from Donut Joe, having tried to steal some of the donuts for Twilight's birthday party.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S1

  • Flash is not excited about attending the Grand Galloping Gala, since he remembers how boring it was when he went last time. He is completely fine with giving his ticket away to one of his friends just so he doesn't need to go. At the end, he tries to give his ticket to Spike after everyone else gets one, only for Celestia to send Spike his own ticket, meaning now Flash needs to go to the Gala.
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  • After Flash and Springer find out they are immune to the effects of Poison Joke, Springer wonders what would happen to him if it did affect him. Flash chuckles that maybe it would probably change his color, like turn him Yellow. Springer does not like that idea at all.
  • When Flash and Twilight's friends meet Lightning Blitz Rarity quickly becomes disgusted with him, not just because of his bad attitude but because his headphones don't go with his mane. Lightning quickly barks his own insult back at Rarity until he gets a good look at her and immediately changes his tune upon seeing she is actually beautiful. He then tries to flirt with her and ask her out while simultaneously insulting her friends. Rarity swiftly rejects his advancements.
    Lightning: What's the matter bright eyes?! Time with the riffraff dampen your sense of taste? (scans Rarity over and lets out a purr) Then again, you ain't half bad looking honey. (tries to lay his hoof on hers) How about you and me go make some sweet music somewhere away from these street vermin?
    Rarity: (swatting her hoof away from his) As if!
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  • Pinkie defends Flash against Lightning's insults, saying he is the the toughest apprentice knight she knows... and also the weakest and only one she knows.
  • After Flash captures Shake Shocker, Grand Hoof tells him he needs to file a 10 page report of what happened, including every detail of the battle and what they said to each other, in triplicate. Flash's friends decide to let him do it himself, since he was in charge of capturing Shake Shocker by himself too.
    Flash: I hate you all.
  • Flash and Springer laugh their heads off when they see the new gala dresses Rarity made them, only laughing harder when they say they aren't jokes or Nightmare Night costumes.
    Flash: That is not gentle, that's the opposite of gentle! Brutality, thy name is RARITY! (Flash is now in his suit with his hair combed back and giving Rarity a Death Glare) I swear, I've received beatings more gentle then one of your fitting sessions.
    Rarity: And that my dear Flash, is the price we pay for fashion.
    Flash: I'd like a refund if you don't mind.
  • While Flash goes to take the Great Test, the Mane 6 help Springer watch over Ponyville and do Flash's job for him. Their efforts quickly get out of control and by the time Flash gets back to town it is a complete wreck, with the Mane 6 all dog piling him and asking him to never leave again.

Flash Sentry, Chaos and Disharmony

  • Not even Discord knows why his magic doesn't work on Flash. He first tries to figure it out by looking through the chaos magic manual... only for it to immediately turn to dust because it is centuries old. His second plan is to figure it out by having a "doctor" version of himself check him out. After awhile, and being reminded he's just talking to himself, Discord worries that the stress is getting to him since he is actually trying to use logic.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S2

  • A flashback shows an incident known as 'Wild Sugar Springer incident.' Springer took one bite of one of Pinkie's super sugar muffins and went on a massive sugar rush rampage, attacking everyone in site while shouting about how he would destroy a "yellow mouse," which nobody understood. After that incident, Springer wasn't allowed sugar anymore.
  • Iron is quickly annoyed by the antics of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, believing they are the cause of most of the disasters that happen around town.
  • Flash and Twilight have a Freaky Friday plot when they end up switching bodies with each other and see just how hard the other's life is.
  • Flash avoids helping foalsit the Cake twins because when he was younger Twilight asked him to foalsit Spike when he was still a newborn, and he quickly set Flash's tail on fire after only a few seconds.
  • Rainbow runs into Soarin in Ponyville (who actually came to town for a chance to meet her) when she kicks a cloud from out beneath him for moving them out of position to take a nap on. Soarin crashes to the ground and Rainbow immediately has a Freak Out! when she realizes what she just did to one of her idols. While freaking out and making sure Soarin is okay she accidentally lets slip that he is her favorite Wonderbolt, something she quickly denies when Soarin questions if that is correct.
  • In a bit of a Call-Forward to "Secrets and Pies", Rainbow tells Soarin that she is not a fan of pies, but quickly whispers to him not to tell Pinkie Pie that. Soarin just grins and is actually fine with it since it means more pie for him.
  • When Rainbow's parents meet Soarin during Hearts and Hooves day Windy Whistles takes a liking to him and becomes a huge supporter of him and Rainbow dating. After Soarin leaves after making plans to get together with Rainbow again, Windy is actually cheering happily and is already making plans for their wedding, much to Rainbow's embarrassment.
  • When Future Twilight appears, Future Flash is with her and while Future Twilight desperately tries to warn Twilight, the two Flashes just have a normal conversation. Future Flash could easily tell them what Future Twilight wants to since his past self isn't interrupting him, but knows from reading his comics like Cyborg-Hoof and Metapool that changing the past can lead to disastrous consequences.
  • During the Gabby Gums incident, there is a story about Springer having fleas, with a photo of him using a Bone Breaker to scratch his back.
  • When Twilight becomes enraged over learning her brother is getting married from a invitation, and believes it is to someone she has never met, she slowly becomes angrier when Flash shows he knows who Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is. Flash eventually just has Twilight sounds out her name to realize it is Cadance.
    • Twilight is even more shocked to learn that her brother and Cadance have been dating for years without her knowing, and that everyone knew before her.
    Twilight: Everypony?! You're kidding, right?
    Flash: Well there's me, your parents, Princess Celestia, Donut Joe-
    Twilight: Donut Joe knew before me?!

Flash Sentry, Crystal of Darkness

  • When Flash arrives at the library after training, Twilight immediately tries to force him to take a shower before they go to Canterlot for her test. After she blows the library into the sky when Spike says the test is "just a test" she still tries to force Flash to take a shower.
  • This exchange when Rainbow convinces Flash to help her set up for jousting, only to see the area is in worse condition than she described.
    Flash: It'll be done in no time, huh?
    Rainbow: It could be worse.
    Flash: How?
    Rainbow: You could be listening to Pinkie trying to play the flugelhorn.
    Flash: (shivering at the thought) Maybe a little clean up won't be so bad.
    Rainbow: Told ya.
    Flash: Shut up and get to work.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S3

  • While Flash and Springer are training with Iron, Springer crashes into a rock out of control and gets dazed. While dazed he calls Flash "coach" and asks him not to replace him with the yellow mouse.
  • During "Wonderbolt Academy" whenever someone says "go beyond" Pinkie Pie interrupts and shouts "Plus ultra!" much to everyone else's confusion. The first time this happens, Pinkie sheepishly remarks "Sorry, wrong show."
  • Rainbow and Soarin end up literally bumping into each other at the academy twice. Both times are actually after Rainbow just got out of the shower too. Looks like Flash and Twilight aren't the only couple that occasionally bumps into each other.
  • When Rainbow and Soarin are alone in the medical bay they have a brief moment of bonding before slowly leaning in towards each other without even realizing it, only to be interrupted and jump away from each other when the medic rushes through the door to check on Rainbow. After he leaves, things get a little awkward between Rainbow and Soarin, and Soarin excuses himself, walking backwards only to smack into the door first before exiting.
  • Gremlins invade Ponyville and cause trouble all over town with their pranks. The only thing the Gremlins say at all is "Gotcha!" though it turns out to just be a natural cry to them, like how a lion roars, and is actually where the term came from.
    • When all other attempts to get rid of the Gremlins fail, the way the town finally manages to get rid of them is by ignoring their pranks and doing their own pranks on them.
    • Rainbow is absent through the whole thing due to being away at the Wonderbolt academy. She returns the day after the event to find the town still recovering and asks what she missed.
  • Twilight and Trixie's dynamic is drastically different in "Magic Duel" compared to the original episode. Instead of an intense grudge between the two, Twilight is jealous of Trixie through most of the chapter due to Trixie expressing a desire to ask Flash out on a date.
    Trixie: Boys...
    Twilight: You can have him.
  • In "Just For Sidekicks" Springer acts as a Deadpan Snarker to all of Spike's antics and trouble he gets himself into, unlike how Owlowiscious tended to be a Silent Snarker to Spike in the original episode.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: EQG

  • When Twilight, Spike, and Flash travel through the mirror, Flash is actually a bit upset to find out that CHS is a school instead of a castle, since he never went to school and doesn't know how they work. He also says that he probably just ignored anything Twilight told him about them.
  • Flash's reaction when Twilight announces she is going to become the Fall Formal Princes, and that she has no idea how to do it.
    Flash: This is either gonna lead to something very good...or apocalyptically bad.
  • Flash and Sunset's confrontation in the Band Room has some humorous moments:
    • Sunset eventually starts flirting with Flash, saying she needs a new boy toy, but Flash quickly shoots her down saying his mother taught him not to date anyone who wears leather... or is a total nutcase.
    • Flash tells Sunset he isn't scared of her after everything that he has faced, and asks what she could possibly do to him. She responds by grabbing him by his jacket and pulling him to her, smashing their lips together in a kiss. Afterwards, Flash is stunned silent by this, and Sunset mocks him for having stolen his first kiss.
    • As Flash is recovering from the surprise kiss, Sunset continues to try to seduce him, asking if he wants another kiss, only for Flash to quickly recover and say he's not falling for that again. Sunset responds by gently placing her forehead against his, before violently kneeing him in the groin. While he is in pain she mocks him for his lack of experience with his new body before kneeing him again and leaving him curled in pain.
  • When playing soccer against Rainbow, Flash realizes he can't even access his Theta Mode and admits Iron was right about him relying on it too much. He then realizes what he just said and makes Twilight promise to never tell Iron that.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S4

  • Lightning complains when Flash has him babysit the Crusaders while the rest of them figure out why the Everfree Forest is invading, saying that it is not what he thought he would do when he took the position as a Defender. After being left with them for a short bit, and the three of them cowering at him, he awkwardly asks if any of them have read any good books.
  • Some of Lightning's interactions with the ponies in town when doing odd jobs for them.
    • When he gets the bouncy castle for a filly's birthday working, she gratefully hugs his leg. He is quickly swarmed by all the other foals at the party and dog piled by them in hugs.
    • When helping Doctor Time Turner with one of his inventions, Time Turner calls it the Mag-U-Lator three thousand and one. He claims that he had a three thousand model, but it was stolen by an unknown intruder, who only left behind a silver feather quill.
  • When the Mane 6 decide to find out where A.K. Yearling lives so they can track her down and help her finish her next book, all of the Defenders immediately tell them that is a bad idea, even saying that is how restraining orders are formed. However, the Mane 6 once again choose to ignore their advice and go anyway, and force Flash to come along with them.
  • After meeting Daring Do, Flash is the only one she allows to come with her at first despite her I Work Alone attitude, since she admits it would be dumb to not get help from a Royal Knight. She then asks to make sure Flash is really a Knight and his weapon isn't just for show. Flash quickly tells her he is, knowing it would be bad to tell her he is still only an apprentice.
  • When Flash and Daring are fighting Ahuizotl over the ring, Flash gets in his own Deadpan Snarker remarks when Daring mockingly flirts with Ahuizotl.
    Daring Do: Now Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring till I've properly proposed.
    Flash: You realize if you put that in your next book, you're gonna be fuelling a ton of slash fiction.
  • Springer finds himself in a few humorous situations while trapped in his "Hedgehog Day" Loop, despite the dark circumstances. Most of them involve Springer doing the loop again to do something differently.
    • He tries to get Time Turner to help him since he was the one to tell him about Hedgehog Days, but he doesn't believe him at first and asks him what number he is thinking of. After another loop he keeps adding more numbers to his question, forcing Springer to loop several times just to convince him. Then he has to remember each number each subsequent time to convince him all over again.
    • Springer and Time Turner spy on Rainbow to see if she accidentally caused the explosion. Soarin eventually arrives at her house and they find it interesting when she welcomes him inside. Springer uses some balloons to spy into Rainbow's home and is quickly stunned by whatever he saw inside. He quickly pops the baloons and falls to the ground, declaring Rainbow and Soarin innocent, and only explains that what he saw was "something he could have gone his whole life without seeing."
      Time Turner: So Rainbow's clean as well.
      Springer: Not the word I would have used. Memory, please fail me now.
    • The two try to figure out what Iron is hiding in a suspicious box, only to find out it is ridiculously booby trapped. In their first attempt to open it, a Bear Trap goes off around Time Turn's leg. It takes several loops to disable every trap and look inside the box.
    • Springer assures Time Turner Derpy is innocent because in a previous loop he spent the entire loop watching her and she did nothing but eat muffins for the entire hour.
  • After Rainbow and Soarin go public with their relationship they are the topic of gossip for weeks. Several reports even come by Rainbow's house. Ironically, Rainbow actually avoided the spotlight since she thought her relationship was something too personal to brag about.
  • When Pinkie asks where she can get pompoms like the Cloudsdale cheerleaders Flash tells her to try E-Hay before she runs off leaving a trail of smoke behind. Fluttershy asks what E-Hay is and Twilight explains they learned about it when chasing Sunset.
  • Flash is equally horrified with Rainbow over Rarity's horrible design for Ponyville's Equestria Games uniforms, even wondering at one point if Rarity was replaced by a fashion blind Changeling.
  • Twilight and Flash easily see through Rainbow's fake injuries and make a bet about it. Flash bets 20 bits that the whole thing will blow up in her face, which Twilight agrees to and adds an extra 5 that she comes clean about it and agrees to fly for Ponyville. Twilight wins and Flash pays her while groaning in annoyance.
  • Wild continues to avoid asking Pinkie out and telling her how he feels despite Lightning encouraging him. One reason Wild gives is even if they did go all the way and got married and had foals, then one day he would need to explain to their kids how they met each other. It would be pretty awkward explaining to their kids that he first met their mom by attacking her while trying to help their Evil Uncle Lightning Blitz take over Equestria.
    Wild: (realizes who he is talking to) Err, no offense.
    Lightning: (grumbles) None taken.
    • Funny enough, even that first encounter between Wild and Pinkie could still count as their "first date" since they were complimenting each other during their fight to the point that Spike asked them to "stop flirting."
  • The Running Gag throughout "Pinkie Pride" where Wild Smile imagines in a imagination cloud above his head Pinkie dating and eventually marrying somepony else. First a mysterious pony in all black before it is replaced with Cheese Sandwich. Each time he yells a Big "NO!" in response to it and destroys the cloud in different ways.
  • Everyone's attempts to get Flash to transform into his strange armor form with his powers:
    • He is given an elixir that gives the drinker tenfold their normal energy. Instead of making him transform he just becomes a Motor Mouth. Luna is amused by this and imagines setting Flash on their enemies when he is like this, but Celestia refuses the idea because she isn't that cruel. The group is forced to tie Flash down with nets and rope until he burns through the elixir.
    • They try to shock him into transforming by scaring him. Unfortunately, they forgot that because Flash has trained to be a Royal Knight and has already faced many threats against Equestria for years he does not scare easily. Amusingly, one of their attempts involved threatening to burn his comics, which got more of a reaction out of him than a previous attempt of seeing his sister Scootaloo fall to her death, much to her irritation.
    • The last attempt to get Flash to transform is by creating a battle scenario like a previous scenario. He is pitted against a unicorn, earth pony, and pegasus to get him to transform, with Lightning and Iron filling the first two roles. Flash asks if Rainbow is going to be his third opponent, something she seems eager to accept, until being told his third enemy is on his way. At that very moment, Soarin lands in front of everyone, causing Rainbow to blush at his sudden appearance and winking at her upon landing.
      Flash: Do I get a say in this?
      Twilight: Nope!
  • After Flash defeats Iron, Lightning, and Soarin by transforming, he realizes he got a bit carried away.
    • Rainbow rushes to check on Soarin and tries to wake him by smacking his cheek. Soarin briefly wakes up along with Lightning and Iron and groans "Wagnar loves chicken." before collapsing back to unconsciousness with the others.
    • Even after transforming like they wanted they don't learn much about Flash's powers beyond what his armor looks like because the device Twilight put on him to scan him was overloaded by Flash and broke.
  • Twilight has a small Heroic BSoD when Flash tells her that her study methods didn't actually help him when they were younger and he ended up passing his tests by using his own study method.
  • When Rainbow is questioned on why she doesn't already know the history of the Wonderbolts despite being such a fan, and Twilight and Flash believing she just wants to join them to be noticed herself instead of caring about the actual team, Rainbow defends that she "loves the Wonderbolts." Rarity mumbles under her breath "one more than others," in response.
  • Rainbow shows her friends her test after she passed, but Twilight says she only made a 75% instead of a perfect score. Apparently, Rainbow's eyes were just deceiving her when she first got her score.
  • When hearing Spike's title for the first time, Springer snarks that he never thought that the words "Spike, brave, great and glorious" could go together in the same sentence, much to the anger of the Crystal Guards.
  • Flash, Springer, Iron, and Lightning are absent during Spike's botched anthem, but it is so bad that Springer actually feels it happen through the aura. He says "I felt a great disturbance in the aura, as if thousands of voice cried cringe."
  • When Spike is telling Springer how he is upset he messed up after finally being seen as a hero, he explains that Springer doesn't understand because everyone sees him as a hero for his accomplishments, including having his own Arch-Enemy. Springer says back that having an arch-enemy isn't a good thing, it sucks and has nothing to do with being a hero.
  • Flash and Twilight are set up on a date to try to set them up. Several hilarious moments happen in these attempts:
    • Twilight's Absurd Phobias show up during both attempts. First, she sees a ladybug and freaks out. Later, when the two are on a boat alone with plenty of food for both of them, Twilight freaks out once again when they find a box filled with quesadillas. Since they can't just toss them overboard because of the runes that are keeping them on the boat, Flash instead eats them all to get them away from Twilight. Ten minutes later he has a oversized belly. While Twilight thanks him for his help, Flash accidentally burps in her face due to eating too much, and she gets a whiff of his cheesy breath, making her go green.
    • While Twilight and Flash are alone, they slowly start to bond while isolated, much like the group hoped. Unfortunately, both attempts are ruined due to interruptions. The first time, Flash and Twilight are interrupted by fans of them recognizing them, taking their focus away from each other. While isolated on the boat, their ship crashes into a reef right as they are leaning in toward each other and they decide to focus on getting home. The last one gets a lot of angry reactions out of everyone who was watching them via magic movie projector thanks to Discord.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Rainbow Rocks

  • After getting word from Sunset about the Sirens and Twilight quickly explaining their origin to everyone, Flash points out how a lot of ancient evils were simply sealed away instead of being dealt with.
    Flash: Say...why is it that great evils get locked away instead of actually being dealt with? Don't say I'm not right. This keeps happening. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, the Omni Sphere, Tirek, and now these girls. I'm just saying, the ancient forces of good in Equestria had a nasty habit of shoving evil inside of a box, writing 'do not open' on it, and expecting that to be the end of it. I just wanna know why.
  • Sonata develops a Villainous Crush on Flash after seeing him. While talking about how good he looks, with a bit of drool coming out of her mouth, Adagio quickly shut her up.
    • When Flash later backs up Sunset when she confronts the Dazzlings, Adagio offers Flash to hang out with them when they are done with the school, pointing out how her sister Sonata has a thing for him. Flash sees Sonata giving him a suggestive look, but turns down the offer with the same response he gave Sunset the last time he was in the human world, that he doesn't date girls who wear leather or are total nutcases. Sonata is briefly saddened by his decline, but seems to get over it quickly and teases him that he just "missed out" while snapping at him before leaving with her sisters.
  • Sunset tries to apologize to Flash for what she did to him last time he was at CHS, but can't bring herself to actually say what she did and just points to her lips and then points downwards. Flash crosses his legs a little, remembering that dirty move, before saying he forgives her.
  • After defeating the Dazzlings, Twilight says that without their pendants and magic, they're just three harmless teenage girls. Flash jokingly disagrees with calling them "harmless", because their terrible singing is the most painful thing he has ever experienced since coming to the human world... mostly.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Forgotten Darkness

  • When everyone with wings realizes they can't fly Twilight says they have more important things to worry about. Flash just shouts back that she only thinks that because she hardly uses her wings anyway.
  • When everyone realizes they can't touch anyone, Twilight originally guesses that maybe they are ghosts. Several of the reactions from the others just emphasize their Skewed Priorities:
    • Rainbow Dash is upset because another new Daring Do book is coming out in a month and she was in the middle of a reading marathon to get ready for it.
    • Rarity just finished a new fashion line and still needs Sapphire Shores to approve them.
    • Applejack says she can't die because she needs to make sure the Apples have a next generation. She can't leave that to her siblings because Big Mac is too oblivious to ever seduce a mare himself and she hasn't given Apple Bloom The Talk yet, which she can't leave to Granny Smith and Big Mac after the The 'Grape Family Incident.
  • Shade is completely flustered when Springer says he has already explained everything to Flash and the others while Shade was busy praising himself. He begins ranting they have a lot of nerve interrupting his monologue, since he spent months working on everything.
  • Although the battle between Springer and Shade is intense and much darker than most fights in the series, the Running Gag of Springer constantly interrupting Shade while he is monologuing by punching him in the face is hilarious, especially when Shade gets tired of it and yells for him to knock it off. Springer eventually interrupts Shade another way... but giving him a Groin Attack. Shade asks through the pain what Springer did to him, and Springer says that Flash told him about his own experience with it when he went through the mirror.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Our Town

  • When Rainbow is recapping everything that happened since defeating Tirek and getting the new castle, she mentions how they were all kidnapped by Shade and that Iron and Lightning were completely useless during the whole thing since Springer saved them. The two of them just growl at her for mentioning that.
  • The Defenders all enjoy the training room in Twilight's new castle. When the map summons the Mane 7 to Starlight's village Flash has Springer and Spike stay behind to look after Scootaloo and her friends, but after remembering how last time they ended up on a train to the Crystal Empire, also has Iron and Lightning stay behind to look after them. They are both upset about having to babysit at first, until Flash tells them that means they also get extra free time in the new training room. After hearing that they both immediately agree with huge grins. They both just end up getting even more excited when Spike says they can also join him and Big Mac for their weekend planned with Hoofball activities.
  • When Flash tries one of Sugar Bell's awful muffins for himself, he takes one bite out of it and dies, collapsing out of his chair with his soul coming out of his mouth. Pinkie sucks it up with Dustbuster vacuum and puts it back in his body, instantly resurrecting him. Twilight just casually asks him what it felt like to die and he says it wasn't that bad... before adding that Goldy one through twelve say hi.
    Twilight: One through twelve?
  • When Pinkie gets fat from eating all the muffins, Flash helps her move around by rolling her like a ball.
  • When Flash captures Double Diamond and interrogates him, Double Diamond asks where he's hiding the Staff of Sameness. Flash says he hid it somewhere Starlight and the others will never find it.
    Double Diamond: It's in that bush over there, isn't it?
    (Beat as Flash glances at said bush before knocking out Double Diamond again)
    Flash: (after Double Diamond wakes up again) Now it's hidden where you'll never find it.
  • When everyone returns to Ponyville at the end, Fluttershy and Pinkie embrace their coltfriends in a kiss, only for Wild to go red in the face when Pinkie keeps making out with him.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Knight of Friendship

  • Soarin shows up at the Crystal Empire, wanting to see Flash's big day. He expects to get his head chewed off by Spitfire when he gets back for ditching though. Shortly after this, Rainbow taps his shoulder and asks if he "forgot somepony" with her hooves crossed, only to blush once Soarin wraps his wing and apologize.
  • The girls efforts to comfort Twilight and get her to realize her feelings for Flash:
    • Cadance mumbles to herself that after all these years she can finally fix her greatest failure. Twilight asks Cadance what she failed, only for Cadance to facehoof in response.
    • When Twilight closes her eyes and is told to say how she pictures Flash, she initially only lists his flaws before being told to skip all those parts.
    • When Twilight points out how she and Flash argue all the time, everyone else who is in a relationship state a few times they have argued with their coltfriend. Rainbow says she and Soarin disagree about which Daring Do book is the best, and how he loves pies while she hates them. But she forgot Pinkie was nearby, and Pinkie is shocked to hear Rainbow hates pies, asking her what she's done to the pies she's been giving her for years before Cadance tells her to focus.
  • When Twilight prepares to head out at night into the mountains to find Flash, she is stopped by running into an invisible wall by Discord. After telling him what she is doing, and him being impressed that she is actually disobeying Celesta, he snaps a few essential survival equipment she thanks him and prepares to head out, only to hit the invisible wall he put up again. Discord realizes he forgot to take it down, and quickly does so after apologizing.
  • Cadance cries over the fact that she had spent years trying to get Flash and Twilight together, and that she wasn’t there for it when it finally happened.
    • When Rainbow Dash suggests Cadance using the memory potion from Zecora, Twilight immediately shoots it down, because there were some things that need to stay private between her and Flash.
    • Cadance accepts this since she doesn't want to invade their privacy, but states to compensate she wants photos of their first date together, she gets to officiate their wedding, and they need to name their first born daughter "Cadance".
  • While at the party celebrating Flash's knighting, a few of the guests share stories of his past with each other. Donut Joe remembers one time when Flash stole some donuts from his store, swinging from the light fixings until he reached the door and then doing a little victory dance. Twilight's parents remember how he and Twilight tried to make Twilight Velvet breakfast for mother's day. Not only did they make a huge mess in the kitchen, they somehow made toast when they tried to make a fruit salad.
  • Shining Armor finding out at the last second that Twilight and Flash are now a couple. Cadance then pulls an Ear Ache on him, as well as calling him a ‘meathead’, telling him that they need to talk. Everyone else looks on and assumes that kind of attitude runs in the family.

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S5

  • Flash and Scootaloo end up avoiding the new castle just like Twilight. Flash takes up his time by running himself and the other Defenders ragged with various tasks and training. He has also fallen asleep in the tree outside the castle several times.
  • A few of the characters think that Flash and Twilight are avoiding each other before learning they are really avoiding the castle. This causes them to worry about their relationship, and what Cadance might do if they breakup.
  • Iron's additions to the castle are booby-traps to act as a security system. Spike and Springer end up activating all the traps when they check up on everyone and everyone makes him take them down, to his displeasure. He later says he moved them all to a hallway nobody was using to act as an obstacle course.
  • When Rarity bats her eyes at Spike to convince him to keep Flash and Twilight busy, Lightning Blitz, who has become a sorta love interest for Rarity himself, gives a disappointed glare and warns her that it isn't a good idea to lead Spike on like that.
  • Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have no problem making Scootaloo's room the way she likes it, and waste no time rubbing it in everyone else's face. Iron isn't convinced that it isn't a disaster until he sees it himself, referencing the second and third 'Renegade Farming Equipment Incidents'.
  • After stopping the Crimson Masquerade Gang, Iron incites on finally putting some security in the castle to prevent another break-in, forcing Flash and Twilight to hell.
  • While The Mane 5 are planning everything for Twilight and Flash's first official date, Rarity explains she has been teaching Twilight what to do on a date, but Fluttershy claims that Rarity has never actually been on a date herself before, only she, Pinkie, and Rainbow have. Rarity justifies that she has read plenty of romance novels.
  • Flash uses the training room to practice for his date with Twilight, creating a fake restaurant and fake Twilight with other couples in the background. The other defenders all walk into the room as he is practicing and are disturbed by what they see.
  • Flash and Twilight spend the day before their first date hanging out to calm themselves so they will be ready for the actual date. By the end of the day they realize that everything they did together technically qualifies as a date itself. They decide to still go out the next night and tell everyone it is their first date, leaving the impromptu one their little secret so they don't feel left out. That way they can still get pictures of the date like Cadance wants, but they agree to only send her one, and make sure it isn't romantic at all.
    • Also, their friends were planning to setup fireworks to go off at the end of their first official date and the two of them kiss. They are setting them up the night before, only to accidentally set them all off early. Unknown to them though, their plan ended up working exactly as they planned, and their fireworks went off just as Flash and Twilight kissed at the end of their date. Too bad they will never know their plan worked.
  • Lightning accidentally ruins his meeting with the princesses due to an unfortunate slip of the tongue.
    Cadance: So...enjoying your life in Ponyville?
    Lightning: Yes.
    Luna: Having any issues reporting to Flash or Iron?
    Lightning: No.
    Celestia: And are you giving back to the community?
    Lightning: Yes.
    Cadance: Gotten any mares in trouble?
    Lightning: No.
    Luna: Still wanna take over Equestria?
    Lightning: Yes... (all the princesses glare at him as he catches himself) Wait, no! I meant no! NOOOOOO!
  • When Trixie delivers the wedding gift to Luna after she accidentally left it, she slowly begins to back away when Celestia and Luna continue arguing, which starts to descend into how Luna teaches her student and Celestia's alektorophobia.
  • Flash ends up getting a call from the map while he is in the middle of shaving and checks on the map while half his face has shaving cream on it. Twilight tells him to finish up before heading out for his mission.
  • Flash and Twilight get into a small argument over whether he should bring his sword with him on the map mission. Flash eventually just pulls the princess into a long kiss, winning him the argument.
  • After the mysterious stallion orders his servants, Armalum and Tempera, to gather the rest of their forces, Tempera says there is one thing she must do first before going. She then leans in and gives her master a long goodbye kiss on the mouth. The stallion however, just has a dull look in his eyes during the whole kiss, neither returning the gesture nor doing anything to resist or break it himself.
  • After completing his mission, Flash realizes that he forgot to take notes on everything like Twilight wanted, and cries out that she is going to kill him. This actually gets Cold Steel to laugh for the first time in a long time, but it sounds very low and gravely, which Flash finds creepy.
  • When Springer finds out how Spike told a pony to stop working on a broken pipe to keep things quiet for Twilight he just double face-paws himself and asks Spike why he didn't go with a more simple solution.
    Springer: Spike...did it occur to you that maybe instead of stopping ponies from causing noise, you could, I don't know, get TWILIGHT SOME EARPLUGS?!
  • When Grand Hoof is giving a tour to some children of the delegates and sees Flash chasing the angry mob of delegates towards Twilight's room, he groans that he is too old for this, before stopping himself, remembering that kids are listening to him, and awkwardly finishes saying "Uh...stuff. I'm too old for this stuff."
  • Springer stops Spike's Sneeze of Doom at the end and knocks the bouquet of Dragon Sneeze Trees away from him, asking to just get rid of them since they are becoming a health hazard.
  • Plenty of moments throughout "The Ultimate Ponyville Diet":
    • Rarity apparently has multiple first rule of business, and is unamused when Sweetie Belle points this out.
    • Rarity lets out a high-pitch scream that shakes the town when she realizes she has gained weight.
    • Right when the girls are about to discuss how many pounds they have gained, an "interruption" occurs that explains the exact weight is "censored" because most girls don't like to discuss their weight, and this particular group consists of a magical prodigy alicorn, a seamstress that could weave a suit out of your own blood, a pegasus with animals like tigers and bears for friends, and...well...Pinkie. The "censored" weight is described as "fashion pounds" for Rarity, "bookshelf pounds" for Twilight, "cupcake pounds" for Pinkie, and "puppy pounds" for Fluttershy.
    • Applejack and Rainbow Dash join in for the exercises they do at the castle and continuously try to outdo each other. When lifting weights they continue to dare each other to lift heavier weights, only to end up passing out before everyone else.
    • After finally making it through a week of exercise and reaching their desired weights, the girls are treated to a reward by the others, without letting them refuse this time. This turns out to be an all you could eat lunch at Hay-Burger Queen. The girls are nervous about all their progress being for nothing if they overeat, only for their starving stomachs to win out, complete with an Imagine Spot of the "S.S. Diet" being destroyed, and they devour a huge pile of hayburgers. The only one not surprised by this display is Lightning, who discovered why they were exercising and warned Rarity she should have eaten something.
    • Rarity and Lightning make a bet on whether she can last the whole week of exercise without quitting, with the loser needing to do what the winner says for a day. Rarity shows up outside Lightning and Wild's house to collect her "reward" for winning, and becomes a very big tease about it, grinning at Lightning and batting her eyes at him when reminding him of the bet. Lightning is nervous over what she'll want from him, but accepts whatever it will be. Turns out, Rarity wants him to ask her out on a date. What follows is an exchange of Rarity putting on an act of "accepting" Lightning's offer, which you can feel she has rehearsed. Also, for added irony, when the two of them first met Rarity denied Lightning's offer to go out with him, but now she is the one taking the initiative in having a date with him, once he is in a position where he can't refuse her.
      Lightning: HUH?!
      Rarity: You heard me. You can't say you're not interested, especially since you've asked me out before.
      Lightning: Yeah...that's true. And sorry for that back then. I was a sleaze and-
      Rarity: (covers Lightning's mouth with her hoof) Just ask me out.
      Lightning: (after removing Rarity's hoof) Okay...Rarity, would you like to go out on a date with me?
      Rarity: (lets out a Dramatic Gasp) Why Lightning, this is so sudden. (Lightning lets out an annoyed growl) Well...I accept. But I should warn you, a date with me isn't cheap.
      Lightning: I figured that.
      Rarity: (brushing her tail under Lightning's chin) I'm free this Saturday. I'll meet you at my house at eight. (heads off after giving a quick wink) Got it?
      Lightning: Got it... (whispers to himself) what did I just get myself into?
  • After Twilight tells everyone how the Yaks plan to declare war on Equestria, while everyone else is horrified, Iron and Lightning just laugh at the idea, pointing out how they wouldn't stand a chance since Equestria has the Royal Knights, four alicorns, Discord and Flash's Sacred Light.
  • Flash's reaction to Pinkie's party cave:
    Flash: I knew it! Pinkie's an interdimensional visitor from a universe made up of party supplies and we've finally found the wormhole connecting our two worlds! (turns to Twilight) HA! I was right!
  • When everyone discovers Pinkie's party cave, Wild Smile does a Chair Reveal and strokes Gummy like a cat while welcoming them like a classic James Bond villain, before saying Pinkie showed him the cave when they started dating. However, he reveals that not even he knows how to get out of the cave.
  • Flash points out to Pinkie that if she wanted something authentic from Yakyakistan, she could have just sent Cadance a message to get someone like Ruby to get something and magically mail it to her to save herself the trouble. When Pinkie realizes this, she just facehoofs herself, making a squeaking sound in the process.
  • When Grand is forced to retire, the others try to help him find something to do with his new spare time. We see a Failure Montage from the few days prior to his retirement wit him trying several activities:
    • When golfing he sees one pony hit the ball with the club and tries it himself, shouting "five" instead of "fore" and hitting the ball so hard it goes off into the horizon. He asks if he gets points for that.
    • He tries bird watching and spends hours watching a tree trying to spot a rare bird, but quickly becomes bored, comparing it to watching enemies on patrol. He falls asleep and ends up scaring away the bird without ever seeing it.
    • When playing bingo he quickly gets annoyed at one pony always joking "you sunk my battleship" when a number is called, and everyone else laughing at it. He eventually slams his face into the table in annoyance.
  • Flash ends up giving Springer a bath during grooming day for the pets. He questions why he is even doing it since Springer is not his pet and is more than capable of giving himself a bath, but Springer just tells him it is what good partners do. Flash almost squirts shampoo in his eyes in annoyance before seeing everyone else make a mess in their sleep deprived states.
  • Flash is also exhausted like the rest of the Mane 7, but he did not have a nightmare like them. His Inner Light shielded him from the Tantabus, but while Twilight was suffering her nightmare she kicked him and levitated him out of bed.
    Twilight: I said I was sorry.
    Flash: You threw me out the window.
  • When Trixie arrives shortly after Luna, she has a a bright light behind her as she poses heroically. This is quickly revealed to be from a spotlight, which she teleports away immediately afterwards.
  • Flash is revealed to be afraid of sock puppets. Trixie is unamused that he is afraid of something so childish when he has faced genuine threats without batting an eye.
    Flash: Those eyes. Those soulless, empty eyes.
    • At the end of the chapter, Scootaloo returns to the castle from her sleepover and shows Flash a sock puppet that Granny Smith gave her and the other crusaders, completely unaware of his fear. Flash ends up screaming and flying off in front of everyone, to their confusion. Trixie just thinks she is going to keep that little bit of info to herself for a rainy day.
  • Spitfire says that she got Rainbow Dash and her private sleeping quarters away from the rest of the team, since even though she is happy that Soarin and Rainbow are together she doesn't want the two of them to "exhaust each other" before the show the next day. Rainbow gets a bright blush as soon as she understands what that means. Rarity is also a bit surprised to hear Soarin and Rainbow aren't sharing a room until Rainbow says it is "captain's orders". She quickly teases Rainbow that she "didn't know she had it in her.

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