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  • Shortly after his introduction, Chris starts picking flowers to try and appease Lady Prixima after learning what a disaster the party's mission had become as inspired by this post. Topped off by the players mass panicking when upon delivering the flowers Prixima starts sneezing and reveals she's allergic to all flower varieties save for graveblooms.
  • Epilogue E is completed early when Alexander accidentally smashes his front door — and the man who came to greet him. Thankfully, he survives, causing Chapter E to continue.
    • The fact that some of the enemies on the map are "Wizzards".


  • The Drinking Contest in FEF2 with Sheila, Grifen and Ciera against a random Sailor. Sheila is knocked out first, and Grifen manages to last until the sailor passes out.
  • Candy random film noir flasback.
  • Grifen's status as a potential heir to the throne being revealed completely on accident when Julius arbitrarily passed the Crown Blade to her when trying to prove to Fyra that it was the real thing. The resulting reactions somehow lead to a conversation about the time she accidentally walked in on her parents having sex.



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