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  • In the first season episode "Love and Marriage", Felicity agrees to marry Javier so he can stay in the country. Javier drops by Felicity's dorm room and introduces himself to a skeptical Meghan:
    Meghan: I think you have the wrong Felicity. Wait a minute, is she knocked up?
    Javier: I think *you* have the wrong Felicity.
  • Season 1's "Finally" has a sequence of scenes with Felicity and Ben in a "silent study" room, where their whispered conversations are subtitled for clarity. Near the end of the episode, Noel, hopped up on beets, bursts in looking for Felicity and gets into a shouting match with her...which is still subtitled, even though there's absolutely no need for it.
  • In the episode "Happy Birthday", we find out Meghan's parents are these square, normal people, and when they visit, Felicity comes into her dorm room to discover Meghan's redecorated her side of the room, so it looks *nothing* like it did before (goes from looking like The Runaways to looking like The Princess Diaries). What makes it funny is Felicity initially thinks she's gone into the wrong room.
    • A Running Gag of that season is how Meghan doesn't want Felicity to touch her box. In this episode, Felicity passes off the box as hers, and later, Meghan's father tells her how disgusted he was when he looked inside; Felicity, of course, has no idea what he's talking about.

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