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  • When Boxxy attempted to shapeshift into a chimera the result was so horrifying that even its demonic familiars were disgusted.
  • Boxxy's attempts to reinvent the wheel out of biomass. It's either causing horrific damage to itself, or finding out that high speed with no brakes is a very bad idea.
  • The box of mayhem decides to name one of its plans "Tasty And Shiny Things Yielded by Chesting Or Cheap Killing", proudly announcing to his familiars that it's time to begin "Operation TASTYCOCK".
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  • As a Hero of Chaos, Boxxy is granted the ability to mask its Status, and thus its true nature as a Mimic, from any prying magical eyes. However, such a mask has to be manually configured, and Boxxy being Boxxy, doesn't quite know how to do that. After an hour of randomly messing around with its fake Status, it eventually comes up with its new "identity": a dwarf woman named Enrico Rodriguez de la Butts, who is 950 fish old.
  • Boxxy dislikes the taste of alcohol and doesn't see the point of drinking since its massive constitution score makes it immune to getting drunk. Until the day it drinks an alcoholic drink that had been alchemically imbued with its bane. A single gulp was enough to make it pass out and lose all memory, but not before acting on every single impulse and stupid idea it had. The victims? Its familiars. Of course, Xera enjoyed it.
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  • What's the ritual to summon Liusolra, Queen of the Stalkers and the eldest of the Demonic lords? The Caramelldansen, but performed with knives to sacrifice the "ingredients" while chanting and doing the "ceremonial dance".
  • Drea masturbates while watching Keira and Rowana, then hopes nobody saw that. She calls her sister, who tells her every demon in the Beyond saw it, and Drea is mortified. Then Boxxy calls her to tell her to be more discrete next time, and she promptly cuts her own head off in mortification.
  • A meta moment comes from the Best Girl Poll, done to measure the readers' favorite female character... which Exterminatus set up since one of his readers suggested it and thought it'd be fun. Asides from throwing in Carl, the winner of the Poll was Keira. As Exterminatus dryly puts it:
    "Boxxy's apparently so good at acting that its Facade is even popular with readers."

  • Made even more meta when Bob turns Keira into a real person. At that point it barely surprises anyone (characters or readers)
  • When Bob and Kora are removing the corruption from Teresa, Kora suggests that she could remove the corruption caused by the sexual repression of Teresa's priests via... traditional methods. Bob is utterly shocked when Teresa agrees and comments that if it works then he will literally lose his shit.
    "Exactly 11 hours, 42 minutes and 25 seconds later, every Champion, Apostle and Disciple of Chaos in existence suddenly and simultaneously defecated in their respective undergarments."