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Heartwarming / Everybody Loves Large Chests

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  • Kora of all people, has one. Up until that point she had been mostly depicted as a character who could only fight or fuck. But when she is sent back to the demon world and Boxxy dies, the archfiend immediately seeks Carl, to request that he makes a reservation for her contract. When the demon asks her what is the potential warlock's name, what's her answer? Boxxy! She was that sure that a simple thing like death would not stop her boss.
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  • Boxxy, for all his sociopathic tendencies, on more than one occasion has admitted to himself that it would have died a long time ago if it wasn't for Carl - who chose a Cerulean Succubus (the only type that can change memories) as its first familiar - and Xera - who taught him how to blend among non monstrous races.
  • The point-of-view chapter with Minic is almost excessively warm fluff.

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