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  • When the S.W.A.T. team come into the Canadian consulate and Fraser and Turnbull force them to hand over their guns.
  • Bob Fraser trying to get Benton to harm the man who killed him.
    • "Look what I made for you, Son!"
  • "Okay, who let the Mountie into the holding cell?" Everyone in the squad room raises a hand...
  • Diefenbaker
  • The fetish club. With the guy in the latex Mountie fetish outfit. Who naturally turns out to be a real undercover police officer.
  • The whole of 'Seeing is Believing.'
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  • Some of the phone conversations are good, the cat lady and the pizza guy stalker.
  • Fraser stopping Ray K being arrested by arresting in the consulate and then pointing out that it's Canada and so they have to go though paperwork to get him out of the building. Hilarity Ensures.
  • Frannie seducing Fraser. All of them.
  • Buck Frobisher's butchering of the St. Crispin's Day speech in the series finale.
  • From "Mounty On The Bounty Part 1": Fraser randomly breaking out into singing "Barrett's Privateers" as a distraction
  • From "Mounty on the Bounty Part 2":
    Crazy RCMP training sergeant: We shall take them by surprise!
    Ray K.: But they can see us!
    Fraser: Well, Ray, if you were set upon by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Chicago Police Department in a replica of the HMS Bounty, wouldn't you be surprised?
    Ray K.: Not if I could see us!
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  • Also, Frannie driving a suspect insane with her constant incorrect phrasing of police jargon
  • The train episode may be notorious, but it's also hilarious.
  • Frannie:(after casually breaking the legs of a dead guy) I can de-bone a chicken in under three minutes.
  • Fraser being utterly oblivious to the effect he has on women 90% of the time, allowing him to get away with such things as closely examining a shopkeeper's leather bodice (while she's wearing it, mind you).
  • In "North", Fraser gets injured, and Ray V has to carry him through the woods over his shoulder. They sing to pass the time.
    *Ray stumbling through the woods, carrying Fraser*
    Fraser: "No I can't get off of my horse, all day I ride among the cattle, no I can't get off of my horse,"
    Both: "Cause' some dirty dog put glue in my saddle! In my saddle! In my saddle! Yes, some dirty dog put glue in my saddle!"
    Fraser: "All the leaves are brown,"
    Ray V: "The leaves are brown!"
    Fraser: "and the sky is gray,"
    Ray V: "And the sky is gray!"
    Fraser: "I left my heart in frisco,"
    Ray V: "San Francisco!"
    Fraser: "San Francisco bay,"
    Ray V: "San Francisco bay!" *does a little dance*
    Fraser: "California,"
    Ray V: "Cal-i-for-nia!"
    *they pause and realize that they have forgotten the rest of the song*
    Both: "All the leaves are brown..."
    Fraser: *Singing 'Ode to Joy' in German.*

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