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  • "Ladies Man": Fraser reveals that the chief detective on the case is the murderer, whose response is "So what? The three of you can't stop me." Fraser responds with "Three of us? I think you should count again." Cue the entire police department popping up and pointing their guns at him.
  • Near the end of The Deal, Ray goes, without his badge or gun, to Zuko to convince him to let the Shoemaker go. They end up having a conversation about a kid that Zuko beat the crap out of in school, while Ray stood idly by. Then Ray proceeds to go into a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Zuko, telling him that if he doesn't let the Shoemaker go, Ray will tell every person he sees on his way home about how he kicked Zuko's ass. And it won't matter if they believe him when he tells them, they'll believe it when they Zuko's battered face.
    • Another one later, we hear Fraser reading from his father's diary about a man he put away threatening to come find him and seek revenge one day, and talking about how fear affects a man and the way he lives his life. As the narration continues, we see Ray sitting on his bed, pistol in hand. Then Ray unloads the pistol and locks it up, having decided not to let fear of Zuko's reprisal affect him.
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    • From the same episode, Fraser managing to give one of the most polite examples of "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Zuko:
    Fraser: Although it's been my experience that many people live their lives thinking that they're respected, only to discover that they've been merely feared. And fears can be overcome.
  • Fraser doesn't use his gun because he's not licensed for it in the US. However, he is an expert marksman, though it's easy to forget this given that he rarely gets to use guns. In Mountie On The Bountie, Ray and Fraser (and a whole shipload of mounties) are fighting the bad guys for control of a freighter drifting across one of the Great Lakes. The bad guy gloats that soon he will be in the carribean enjoying the money he made from piracy...
    Fraser: But right now, my friend, you're in the Dominion of Canada.
    • Ray tosses Fraser his gun, and Fraser proceeds to shoot all the scuba gear's masks so he can't use them, followed by blowing a detonator remote right out of the bad guy's hand.

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