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  • The attempt to gather wild honey from a beehive. With a Shop Vac. It ends about as well as one would expect.
    • Followed up by their (even worse) next plan.
    Willie: So I heard that bees don't sting at night... (turns out they do)
    • Phil and Cole get the last laugh by blowing smoke into the hive to calm the bees so they can get the honey without being stung.
  • The Redneck Water Park in "Sweatin' Bullets", especially Willie at the end of the episode.
  • Jase, Jep, Godwin, Martin, and Uncle Si going on strike during "Duck No We Won't Go".
  • The homemade conveyor belt in "High Tech Redneck".
  • The titular road trip of "Redneck Roadtrip", especially after Uncle Si makes lunch.
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  • Any time Phil's young granddaughters are onscreen.
  • Phil and Uncle Si going to Career Day in "Frog in One".
  • Uncle Si telling embarrassing stories about Willie during Willie's radio interview in "Good Morning, West Munroe".
  • What the Christmas lights Jase put up on the roof spell out when turned on. OY!
    • Turns into a brick joke at the tail end of the episode: right after a nice moment where the whole family sings "Silent Night", Willie breaks out singing "OY to the world!". At the very end of the episode, the J finally lights up.
    • Jase also covered Willie's truck in Christmas lights.
    • Pretty much everything about Si playing an elf, especially nicking office supplies to give to the kids as gifts.
  • Willie and Si going to a Chuck E Cheese style pizza place after Si wins a $2000 gift card. Si promptly decides to blow several hundred dollars on arcade games to win enough tickets to exchange for a stuffed gorilla.
    Willie: All I have to do to get out of this weird child casino is to help my uncle win five thousand tickets to win a giant purple gorilla. This is my life.
    • Si originally bought a massage chair, made a great show of using it, and would not take it to his house. Willie made him return it.
    • Having spent $1,600 getting that gorilla, Si spends the remaining $400 on pizza. Willie's utterly shocked that Si was keeping track. At the end of the episode, there are piles of pizza boxes in the background behind Phil.
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    • Willie was shocked that there was a restaurant that hadn't yet banned Si.
  • Willie brings Jase along with him when he checks out the section their local Bass Pro Shop had set aside for their products in "Bass Man Standing". Jase promptly starts asking for free stuff, then wants to put neon signs in their section.
    • The end of that episode is also rather hilarious: Willie wants to put up a large photo of the Duck Commander Team in the section, so he has a photoshoot, most of which he spends going on about how he wants it to look like a shot of an action movie. Unfortunately, he lets his brother Jep take the pictures and send them to the printer. When they arrive at the Bass Pro Shop, Willie discovers that Jep picked a picture of Willie making a ridiculous pose and expression. Jep also took the liberty of taking a picture of himself making a badass pose with helicopters and explosions in the background, and is conveniently not there for the reveal, as he was competing in a dodgeball tournament at the time.
    Willie: Jep's a dead man.
    Si: It looks like Rambo made love to a beaver.
  • Si getting all dressed up while Willie waits for his daughter to pick a dress (Willie even calls him "the Monopoly Man"). Also, Si's list of things to be worried about... which begins with Y2K and inexplicably spins off into referencing the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire".
    Willie: We don't need no Cajun pimps in here!
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  • Miss Kay thoroughly embarrassing Sadie and John Luke at the bowling alley in "Bass Man Standing".
    Miss Kay: Look at these balls, they're as big as my bosoms!
  • Si handcuffing himself to Willie in "Si-amese Twins". Jase loves every minute of it.
    Jase: Please let there not be a key!
  • Jep tricks Willie and Jase into believing that his wife Jessica killed a deer in "Let's Go Hunting, Deer", which prompts them to take Korie and Missy along on a hunting trip. During that trip, it's discovered that both girls had worn perfume, so Korie accidentally sprays herself with doe urine and Missy gets covered in mud.
  • Willie has to leave town in "Hallu-Si-Nations", so he arranges for Jase to pick up a delivery at the warehouse. Jase and co. leave to go work on a duck blind, and he almost misses the delivery due to the keys being locked in his truck. The delivery? A Willie bobblehead - which Jase promptly breaks.
  • Phil tricks one of his grandsons and his grandson's friend into doing chores in "Hallu-Si-Nations", saying that it'll make them better football players.
  • While vacationing in Hawaii, Si kept on mistaking Hawaii for Mexico to the point that he speaks Spanish to the Hawaiians and pestering Willie to tour the Mayan Ruins.
  • In preparation for a date in "So You Think You Can Date?", Martin gets some lessons in dating and etiquette from Si, who wears a feather boa and demands that Martin calls him "Tiffany".
    • That episode also had Jase and Willie going to Martin's house, where they're confused by the fact that he has an enormous crate of mustard packets in his fridge.
    Jase: Who hoards mustard?
  • John Luke's "bend over and I'll show ya" line after being drugged due to having his wisdom teeth pulled. . . let's just say drugged John Luke in particular.
    • Willie asks him who his favorite parent is. The reply? Chewbacca.
  • Everything Si does in the Halloween special. His supposed "Thriller" dance in particular.
  • The turkeys mating with the decoys in "Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner". Especially Jase and Si reacting to it.
    Jase: There's something wrong with that turkey. He's gotta die.
  • Godwin eats an entire chicken while walking around the grocery store in "Burger Commander", yet is still hungry for hamburgers. When asked by Martin how he can still be hungry, he responds with...
    Godwin: It was a little chicken!


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