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  • California Doubling: Toronto for Chicago, amusingly inverted when a Toronto-set episode was filmed in... Chicago.
    • The Chicago-for-Toronto doubling may very well have been an intentional joke - the producers were not above doing that kind of thing, such as when every shot of the Canadian consulate in Chicago was actually shot outside the American consulate in Toronto.
  • Cast Incest: Paul Gross is married in real life to the actress who played his character's mother.
    • David Marciano, who played Ray Vecchio, was married to the actress who played his character's ex-wife
  • The Cast Showoff: Paul Gross co-wrote and sang at least two songs in the course of the series. See also Written by Cast Member.
  • Fake American:
    • While Fraser's original partner is a genuine native-born American, Ray Kowalski is portrayed by Canadian Callum Keith Rennie, and his Canadian accent is audible at times.
    • Also, Ramona Milano (who played Francesca) is from Toronto—which makes a crack she makes near the end of the series about how there's no life in Toronto all the funnier
  • Fake Nationality: Chinese character Charlie Wong is played by Filipino-American (and rather multi-ethnic) Joel de la Fuente. His character's snark about Racial Face Blindness in "Chinatown" serves double-duty as a bit of Lampshade Hanging since Joel de la Fuente is neither Chinese nor Japanese.
  • Fan Nickname: common ones include
    • OFM ("Our Favourite Mountie"): Benton Fraser
    • OFDM ("Our Favourite Dead Mountie"): Bob Fraser
    • Dead!Bob: Bob Fraser again
    • RayV: Detective Ray Vecchio
    • RayK: Detective Ray Kowalski
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Due South was popular in Britain to the point where at one point, The BBC was providing some of the show's funding.
  • The Other Darrin: The journalist Mackenzie King was played by two actresses; Ray's boss Lt. Welsh was re-cast after the Pilot Movie.
  • Real-Life Relative: Paul Gross's wife Martha Burns as Fraser's mom, Caroline in the final episode.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the real life wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was going to be used in 'Mountie on the Bounty', but after talking to the families, Paul Gross opted for a fictional ship.
    • Also, if the show had ended after season one, it was indicated Fraser would have been said to have died after being shot.
    • The original scripted ending of "Call of the Wild" had both Rays in Chicago at the same police station, and acting friendly to each other, and Fraser in remote Canada with Turnbull and Meg Thatcher. Fraser seemingly not choosing one Ray over the other at the end of the series would have probably avoided the Ray Wars.
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    • Ray Vecchio's character in the first script of the Pilot was Hispanic, and he smoked cigarettes!
  • Written by Cast Member: "All The Queen's Horses," "Red, White Or Blue," "Burning Down The House" and the two-parters "Mountie On The Bounty" and "Call Of The Wild" were written or co-written by Paul Gross.
  • You Look Familiar: Maury Chaykin plays secret agent Pike in "Spy Vs. Spy" and shipping depot and sweat shop owner Gutman in "Mojo Rising"
    • Also, Martha Burns as a Russian spy/terrorist and then as Fraser's mother

  • The Murdoch Mysteries episode "Anything I Can Do..." is a Homage to the Due South episode "Hunting Season".
  • The song Huey and Duey write in "Mountie Sings The Blues" is "Two Houses", the title track of Paul Gross and David Keeley's first CD. 'Ride Forever' and '32 Down On The Robert Mackenzie' are other Paul Gross songs.
  • After playing Fraser, Paul Gross did a much darker Mountie portrayal in "Murder Most Likely", a docudrama based on the case of real-life RCMP officr Patrick Kelly, who was accused of pushing his wife off of a balcony to her death. Questions remain even now about Kelly's guilt, but it's known he was also involved in other Dirty Cop stuff during his stint as an undercover officer. He's even suspected of burning his own home down for the insurance money, though it was never proven.
  • "Mountie On The Bounty" originally was to center on the Edmund Fitzgerald, but Paul Gross opted for a fictional ship after talking to the families of the men who died.
  • Interestingly, Leslie Nielsen, who played Sgt.Buck Frobisher, was the son of a Mountie in real life. During his first appearance on the show, he took Paul Gross aside and told him that he was lacing his boots incorrectly and then proceeded to teach him the proper way for a Mountie to tie his shoes.
  • Whether this series has three or four seasons depends on your country. Some areas ran the last third of the series as a single third season while others split it into a third and fourth season.
  • The whole reason for the Ray switch was because David Marciano had already moved his family back to LA after the post-season 2 cancellation, and he didn't want to move everything back. The apartment sets had also already been struck, leading to Fraser living in the consulate.
  • Fraser's uniform is incorrect in the pilot movie and first episode or so because the producers had to get permission to use the accurate uniform. This is standard for any police series, police forces like to keep a close watch on costume uniforms and badges to make sure no one uses them for illicit purposes.


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