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Dr. Bees


  • When Dr. Bees makes his first cover revision from the original cover simply portraying a woman getting stung by bees:
    Boss: No, no, NO! The problem with the cover cannot be solved by adding yet more bees, plus actual live bees, plus actual live women getting stung by those bees! CHANGE IT!
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  • Then the next day, Dr. Bees unveils a statue of him bridal-carrying a bee-person.
    Boss: Wha-?! This isn't even a comic book anymore!
  • Each time Dr. Bees turns in a revision, the Boss's cigar got progressively smaller. By the time the latter accepted a cover (which involves the woman stabbing the bee), he was holding a tiny, smoldering stump.


  • "Here comes Dr. Bees in the Bee-Mobile!"
  • "My taxidermied sea cow stuffed with bees should take care of that!"
  • Dr. Bees gleefully accepts the Comforter's offer the only way he could:
    Dr. Bees: My old-fashioned fotoplayer full of BEES oughtta confirm that! (the bees fly out of said fotoplayer)
    Comforter: OH GOD!
    Dr. Bees: As will this illuminated manuscript, BRIMMING WITH BEES! (the comforter runs and screams in pain) As will these Russian doll bees, housing smaller and smaller bees!
    Comforter: (still running and gathering painful swellings) NO! RUSSIAN BEES! ARGH!
    Dr. Bees: As will this GoBots Command Center Playset just RAMMED WITH BEES! (Comforter screams in pain)
    Omnipotron: As will my uhh... regular box containing, ummm... one bee! (Comforter collapses)


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