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Funny / Double Rainboom

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  • Derpy's cameo, with her eyes getting underped and rederped, and then her muffin crushed, by three falling flowerpots.
  • Blossom and Buttercup threaten the Monster of the Week, while Bubbles is too busy cooing over the Talking Dog.
  • Rainbow's expression as The Powerpuff Girls examine her.
  • Rainbow flashes back to Twilight telling her that there could be terrible side effects... which then slightly diverges once Twilight yells at her that this is what she gets for not thinking ahead.
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  • Scootaloo is sent airborne by Rainbow Dash. And just as she's enjoying it, she hits a billboard advertising, ADOPT A CHICKEN.
  • After returning to Equestria, Dash tries to make an Everypony Laughs Ending, but Twilight's deadpan expression remains unchanged.
  • At the end, the girls are upset they'll never find another talking pony when Talking Dog says "I can talk." Buttercup simply yells at him, saying, "you're not a pony!"
  • When the ponies are surveying the wreckage of Ponyville, Rarity can be seen crying and grabs Sweetie Belle so hard she starts to lose air.
  • The very end reveals that Pinkie brought Bloo from ‘’Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’’ to their universe. Spike, Twilight, and Rainbow’s reactions are what really sell it. They look partially horrified and partially wondering what the heck they’re looking at.