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  • From their review of Inside Out, when they treat Sadness like she is the mascot for an antidepressant commercial.
    Korey: You know in the commercial, where they try to show you how well the medicine works, and everyone's like "Yeah! I'm so fucking happy!"
    Martin: And then they do a freeze-frame for a loooong list of side effects.
    • Said side effects include Erectile Dysfunction, Insomnia, Menopause, Glaucoma, Diabetes, among many others.
    • For Crosses the Line Twice humor, Korey discussing how the dinner scene would've played out in his family.
      Korey: In my Mama's head, it would've been like "FIRE ALL TORPEDOES!" (mimes a backhanded slap.)
  • The entirety of the Phuc Dat Bich video.
  • In their review of Avengers: Age of Ultron, they treated the Hulk's being Brought Down to Normal by the Black Widow like a guy who "finished" way too early. With the song "Pussy Control" to boot.
    Korey: YOU WHOOPED, HULK! YOU BITCH! FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU! (Everyone else erupts in laughter.)
  • From their review of The Peanuts Movie, with guest Billy Brooks. (Billy was the third member of Let's Do This, a podcast from Spill.)
    • "You're like George Washington Carver; you're such a Peanuts purist."
    • From the discussion of concerns over the movie flinging itself in We're Still Relevant, Dammit! territory as well as the Little Red-Haired Girl, Billy comments, "It might work if he cannot twerk!" Cue the insertion of that moment from the trailer into the "Hotline Bling" video.
    • There was a barrage of jokes from the opening ice-skating scene, specifically a moment where Franklin smiles in Marcie's general direction.
    Korey: Franklin looking a little bit like you, Billy. "I'm going to get this white girl!"
    Korey: He don't know Marcie is a lesbian.
    Billy: I don't know who doesn't.
    Korey: He looks confident as hell, "Yeah!"
    Billy: Looking like a gay Tina Fey.
    • They talk about a scene from A Boy Named Charlie Brown that what was lifted from the comics. Specifically, Korey's reaction to Linus talking about the clouds: "What the fuck is he talking about!?"
    Billy: How come I didn't get any mushrooms?
    • When talking about the WWI Flying Ace segments, Martin talks about how he would go the library and get an encyclopedia to look up the Red Baron. The other two immediately latch onto his comments and do not let go.
    Billy: The way Martin's talking, (turns to Martin) I'm going to get an old hat and some peanuts to shell all day long.
    Korey: (in an elderly tone) Live it up, boy!
    Billy: (in an elderly tone) We were happy to do it! And when we walked to school...
    Korey: Back in World War I, I knew what happened.
    Billy: Y'all don't know. We ain't got the tweetin' and the textin' and the phonein' and the, you know. When we wanted to call somebody, we used carrier pigeons! And we liked it!
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  • Their review of "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip". ALL OF IT.
    Korey: "Kids, if you like this, you're an asshole too."



  • The entirety of the Monster Trucks review in which Korey was drunk.
  • Crossing over with Moment of Awesome, the entire Double Toasted team calls out the bullshit double standards behind a number of the complaints over Atomic Blonde
  • During their review of Fist Fight, Korey explains that Ice Cube's motivation in the film is to beat up another teacher...for the kids. Cue Girts (who didn't see the movie) making a completely dumbfounded expression.
    • Korey's Tracy Morgan impression.
    Korey: Tracy Mo'gan is just dere to talk like dis...'cause it's funny. Tracy Mo'gan is just gon' be Tracy Mo'gan in every Tracy Mo'gan movie.
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village:
    Korey: When Baby Smurf came along, it was sad because he didn't know who his daddy was. [everyone else groans] It was really sad. Smurfette was...
    Martin: There was no Maury Smurf.
    Korey!Maury: "You, Hefty, are not the father, not the Smurf!"
    Korey!Hefty: "YEAH! Fuck you bro!"
    Goodwin: She go running behind the stage...
    Korey!Hefty: "YEAH! Fuck you Clumsy! Your dick fell and slipped into her!"
    Korey: That rabbit been smoking that bush right there.
    Goodwin: How you doing, rabbit?
    Korey: Yeah, were you with him behind that tree?
    Goodwin: Just don't tell nobody, shit.
    • Their lengthy discussion on Hefty's crush on Smurfette. Or, as they call him, "Thirsty Smurf".
    Goodwin: "I can't leave her! We gotta save her!" "Man, you thirsty, you're about to get us killed for this shit."
    Girts: All so he can fuck some clay.
    • The comparisons of life in Smurf Village to life in high school, especially with the names.
  • Korey and Martin discuss the disaster that was the Fyre Festival, where they take pains to put their own spin on the Upper-Class Twit trope.
  • While the tribute to Roger Moore was a Heartwarming Moment, there are a quite a few funny moments when the crew looks over the sillier parts of the actor's career.
    • While one of the clips from The Saint is shown as Hilarious in Hindsight, there is more humor derived from the cartoon halo and how the woman Templar is talking to can apparently see it:
    Korey: "I'm trippin'!" She's like, "I'm high as fuck!"
    • When covering Live and Let Die, they talk about the blaxploitation feel of the movie, especially Mr. Big's Narm Charm line, "Names is for tombstones, baby."
    Korey: Roger Moore be like, "You wanna call me a Jive Turkey now, too?"
    • When talking about the henchmen, they refer to Tee Hee Johnson as "RoboNegro", as well as relating to a story of how Jaws was Korey's nickname for a classmate with braces.
    • Upon seeing Hugo Drax, Goodwin asks, "Why is Eddie Munster the main villain in this?"
  • Three words: Twerking Mickey Mouse.
    Korey: Because somebody had to show Minnie how to do it.
  • Girts admitting during the Wonder Woman review that he was disappointed by how good the movie was, because he was having fun watching the DCEU's critical bashing.
  • For Transformers: The Last Knight -
    • Korey initially suggests that this was going to be a drunk show, noting the beers and the liquor in the studio (which Martin points out might be gone)... only to declare "No, no, no!"
    Korey: I ain't gonna sit there and drink to this fucking film!
    • The round of insults continue with "Professor Marky Mark, the inventor from Texas with a Boston accent! If that's the least of your worries, then your movie is shit!"
    • With the opening, Goodwin asked, "Did we go into the wrong screening?"
  • During the review of War for the Planet of the Apes:
    • Korey shows the famous "damn dirty ape" line from the original, along with the reaction shots.
    Korey: "You done fucked up now!" [One of the other apes] was like, "Wow, I'm cool with you, but these other people are gonna whoop your ass right now. I can't hold them back."
    Korey: Again, the irony is while blockbusters start to devolve and get dumber, these ape movies as blockbusters have gotten better.
    Martin: How apropos.
    Korey: Thank you.
    Martin: Or ape-propos.
    Korey: Fuck you.
    *Cue entire studio laughing and cringing in reaction*
  • For The High Score, Girts and Goodwin roleplay as Korey in a certain visual novel.
  • While discussing the upcoming Joker movie, the crew mentions the accusations that Disney/Marvel has been bribing the critics.
    Korey: Do you really really think Marvel's gonna produce "Three Broke Negros and A White Guy"?
  • Martin calling Korey a "rat fuck piece of shit" at the end of the The Lego Ninjago Movie review.
    • Also in the same review, when they talk about how Koko and Garmadon met and got married.
    Koko: He said he wanted to conquer the world!
    Korey: He was a bad boy. He was an asshole.
    Goodwin: She was sprung.
  • For Blade Runner 2049, Korey explains how Agent K is a Hunter of His Own Kind and considers the old Replicants to be defective. With that in mind, certain thoughts are expressed on the Fantastic Racism side of the movie.
    Korey: They say this uppity motherfucker right here, who do he think he is? [The others start laughing.] Oh, he thinks he's better than us! Self-hating Replicant, crab-in-a-bucket Replicant...
    Goodwin: He doesn't sing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" no more...
    Korey: Who the hell he thinks he is?
    Martin: He's an Uncle Tom robot! [Someone in the audience laughs hysterically.]
    Korey: Coon-ass Replicant!
  • A segment where they react to an episode of Fat Albert where they use the word "retarded". The entire thing is gold.


  • For Phantom Thread, some humor is mined out of what can be charitably described as a twisted Meet Cute.
    Korey: Both of these people are crazy, but he at first comes across... like, he comes across like [how] Prince used to pick up girls.
    Girts: Right!
    Martin: That's exactly what I thought.
    Goodwin: "I need another one." Yo!
    Korey!Prince: I wanna take you home and stick jellybeans to your naked body.
    Korey: That's what they'd even tell people, "You're not fit to wear a Woodcock!" Ok, don't want that shit on me anyway. I don't want no Woodcock on me.
  • Black Panther (2018)
    • To the surprise of no one, the crew starts with a few potshots at how Disney's, er, history of having a questionable approach towards African culture (read: they mock Uncle Remus).
    Korey: Got this Negro in slave rags. That bird is dressed up better than him! (the others laugh) Bird's got a top hat and a cane, got him walking around in a potato sack - just happy as Hell. "Oh yeah, look at these cartoon flowers! Boy, Jim Crow sure is dandy. Where that crow at?" (The others laugh some more)
    Korey!"Jim Crow": Caw! Right here! Get back to work, nigger! (Mimes sound of a whip)
    Goodwin: Jesus!
  • Martin and Korey admitting in the review for Incredibles 2 that they spent a lot of the movie distracted by Elastigirl's... assets.
  • Crazy Rich Asians
    • Korey describes the Romantic Comedy as "one of the easiest cinematic cocktails: Fall in Love, Fight, and Start fucking Again!"
    • When talking about the Fiction 500 elements ("[Nick's family] can make Batman sell ass"), Martin comments about how he got genuinely jealous in the process.
    Martin: This is fun!
    Korey: Don't walk in there talking about money don't mean shit. Or don't walk in there talking about money don't buy happiness. Your broke ass is going to be very unhappy when you walk out of there!
    • "You know what, this is our time. If you ain't Asian in this movie, GET YO ASS TO THE BACK!"
    • When Eleanor first learns about Rachel, Korey and Martin point out the hypocrisy of gossiping in a Bible study group.
    Martin: It was kind of instigating. "Her name is Rachel Chu!"
    Korey: I know! Sitting up there, reading the Lord's Word and talking shit at the same time.
    Martin: Exactly!
    Korey: God is like, "Put my Book down!"
  • Venom (2018): Everything about Korey ripping into Sony for being greedy and trying to make money off of Venom instead of letting the MCU have the character. Also, Korey and Martin talking about the stinger.
  • The entire review for an obscure indie movie called Kinky. While the movie could be summed up as "Tyler Perry directs Fifty Shades of Grey", Korey believes that applying that description to it is an insult to those two things.



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