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  • Awesome Moments From #CHANGETHEBEES, Dr. Bees defending his artistic freedom in a rare moment of sanity (well, sane for him).
  • Crazy Is Cool: DR. BEES!!! He's a wasp-themed superhero by day, a BEE-themed superhero by night! His solution to everything is to throw bees at it and he's quite possibly the second biggest ham next to BRIAN BLESSED himself.
  • Heartwarming Moments: After defeating The Comforter in "Dr. Bees Returns!", Dr. Bees gives full credit to Omnipotron, who happily takes the role as his sidekick Bee Boy.
  • Memetic Mutation: *"What's this? [X is happening]? A large influx of BEES oughta put a stop to that!"
    • Occasionally followed with "AAAUGH!! FUCKING LORD!!!"
  • Sequelitis: Even Harry himself jokingly acknowledged that the second Dr. Bees cartoon wasn't as good as the first, owing to its Ripped from the Headlines nature and less emphasis on surreal humor. Thankfully, the third cartoon has averted this.