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Funny / Donald Duck: Goin' Qu@ckers

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  • In the remake for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, the cutscene before the final boss fight has this hilarious example of a Rocky Roll Call.
    Daisy: Donald!
    Donald: Daisy!
    Merlock: Donald!
    Daisy: Merlock!
    Gladstone: Daisy!
    Donald: Gladstone!
    Merlock: Daisy!
    Donald: Merlock!
    Daisy: Gladstone!
    Gladstone: Merlock!
    Merlock: That's enough! Quiet!
    Donald: Gyro!
  • Also from the remake is Gladstone Gander being the game's Butt-Monkey. Because he teleports too early, every cutscene prior to a boss fight has him get comically injured and then stating that he found a nickel. This ends with him being covered in bandages in the game's ending and wondering if there is a nickel in Merlock's machine.

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