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  • The Greatest Hit of Disturbed: so funny that Mike and David both linked to it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We've gotten songs about despair, madness, corruption and pain all throughout Disturbed's long career, but the third song to be released from Immortalized really defies expectations. What could it possibly be about? Demons? Darkness? Complete overwhelming insanity? Nope, it's about weed. No, really.
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  • This rendition of Immortalized proves the guys have a sense of humor, and David has some major vocal range!
  • From the YouTube comments of their cover of "The Sound of Silence," a lot of people old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkle's original version when it first came out, are big fans of Disturbed's version, and justifiably so. But, as other comments have noted, it's funny to think about these people doing searches for other songs from the band to check out their music, and coming across something heavy along the lines of "Down With the Sickness," which is a sound more typical of the band.
  • When they perform Down with the Sickness at Rock am Ring and David is supposed to do Ooh WA AH AH AH, they all pause, and David looks at the crowd and grins.
  • Anthony Vincent's cover of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" in the style of Disturbed. With the monkey noises and ham.
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  • Down With The Sickness covered by Richard Cheese, in Lounge Lizard style.

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