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  • The benefit show Disturbed organized for Dimebag's family is this in so many ways. The band found out they were having to auction off his stuff to pay for his funeral, the ban saying "We have to do something". Disturbed only had to ask and the likes of Drowning Pool, Anthrax and Soil showed up to play in Dime's honour. Vinnie Paul has been close friends with the band ever since. It also resulted in an Awesome Cover.
  • As of September 12th, 2013, David is a father for the first time.
    • He mentions his son in "Who Taught You How To Hate":
    A father's pride, my son walking beside me
  • This video message to the band in the midst of their hiatus. In Moyer's Facebook share, he says it "just brought a tear to my eye."
  • Disturbed being the Number 1 listened to artist on Spotify in two separate genres (alt metal and nu metal) is awesome. David's response on Facebook (in full in the quotes), nothing short of heartwarming.
  • This tribute to David Bowie and Queen following the former's death in January 2016, something that is both heartwarming, and awesomely epic.
  • The video for "The Light" centres around a fireman injured and unpleasantly disfigured on the job, who covers his face and still gets stares, goes through pain and trauma due to his injuries, and has to get physical therapy. For a while it borders on Tear Jerker but, close to the end, the man becomes closer and then gets together with the therapist, turning the dark video into something much sweeter. The lyrics tie into it wonderfully:
    Listen to me now
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness, can show you the light!
    • From the same album "You're Mine" sounds by the title alone that it'd be about something rather dark... but it turns out to be a powerful love song about the singer's recovery from depression thanks to their relationship, finding a newfound energy they vow to use to take on the world if it has a problem with their partner.
    Certainly, I felt alive
    Strength I had lost was revived
    I'm mending inside and we both know why
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  • The live video version of "A Reason to Fight" is all about how You Are Not Alone. It features in-concert footage of the members of the band talking about how therapy is not something to be ashamed of, how depression and addiction can be beaten, and how no one is alone in their battle against their inner demons. There are also interviews with people who have overcome these things, just to help hammer in the message like an anvil to the head, because Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.

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