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  • The music video for "Shut Up (You Miss Me)". Special mention goes to Meghan's facial expressions.
    • The intro: "Not so long ago, in Phoenix, Arizona, one boy was stalking one girl..."
  • The band's takedown of shitty overprocessed male bands in "Boy Band". "Throw on some black clothes/Get a few tattoos/Silly boys/You can't play/Songs written for you..."
  • In the liner notes of Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Meghan ends her thank yous by thanking "every dog for existing". Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Nicole's "touch me and die" shirt, complete with a heart over the I.
  • In their segment on "Brutally Delicious", in which they make Doll Skin cupcakes, Alex is instructed to gradually add butter to the mixture, which she does to the cries of "Gradually, Alex! Alex, that is not gradual!"
    • Sydney then adds vanilla to the mixture:
    Nicole: Yes, Sydney, beautiful!
    Meghan: That's very gradual.
    Nicole: That's so gradual, Sydney! Alex, are you taking notes?
    Alex: No.
  • During the Bus Invaders tour of the Doll Skin tour bus, Nicole shows off some drawings that the band did. Most of them are self portraits but Alex's is a flower on fire. On a body farm. With corpses in the ground underneath the flower. With a neatly lettered label in the corner that says "(body farm)".
  • Crazy tour stories.
  • Crazy tour stories, Warped Edition! All of them have good moments, but the best part is the Serial Escalation of the stories: first Meghan tells a wholesome story about tripping and falling in front of a bunch of people, then Nicole talks about the time that they had to drive to another country to find a new hotel, then Sydney talks about the wild cocaine-and-alcohol-fueled antics of the lead singer of a band with which they had toured...and then Alex talks about when she got arrested in El Paso. Nicole's reaction sells it.
    • Meghan's description of her reaction to the events in Alex's story:
    Meghan: I was like, okay, there's nothing else to do but go to bed... And then I woke up and I'm like, Alex is not in her bed!
    Sydney: She's still in jail!


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