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Tear Jerker / Disturbed

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  • "Overburdened". When the string harmonies sound off in that song, the tears are prone to flow. The song itself is about a dead soldier who followed all his orders lamenting that he's going to hell, thus making his life and decisions up to that point completely worthless.
    "It's the closing of the curtain
    in the play that was my life
    Countless chapters left unopened
    Tragedies inside...
    "I was fighting for a reason
    Holy, blessed homicide
    Seems I have committed treason
    All I've sacrificed..."
  • "Darkness"
    "Don't turn away
    I pray you've heard
    The words I've spoken
    Dare to believe
    For one last time
    And then I'll let the

    Darkness cover me
    Deny everything
    Slowly walk away
    To breathe again
    On my own
    • Oh yeah, it gets better. The song isn't just a sad, depressive ballad. Dave dedicated this song to his grandfather with whom he was estranged with. It was not until his grandfather fell ill that he wished to see his grandson. But by the time word got to Draiman, who was on Ozzfest, his grandfather had mere hours to live.
  • The video for "Inside the Fire", when it's not Nightmare Fuel. The Big "NO!" and the look on David's face as he mourns his girlfriend are heartwrenching.
  • "My Child" on further levels than the band has ever ventured. It's about Draiman learning that he'd gotten a girl pregnant and his resolve to become a father.
    "When you came to life, I was terrified
    I knew that nothing else would ever feel the same
    Doubt came over me; what kind of father would I be?
    I knew the time had come to stand up and be a man."
    • All destroyed when she had a miscarriage:
      "The world around me died
      When I saw that heartbeat"
    • The song starts with the sound of a baby crying, then ends with the drone of a flatline.
      Why was it only in death were you redeemed, my child?
      I pray you were redeemed, my child.
    • At about two and a half minutes into the song, Draiman cries out, "My child!" , and you can hear the pain and grief in his voice very clearly.
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  • "The Infection" is about drowning in depression, your sanity whittled away by the loneliness as your home becomes a prison. In the end you realize that in order to survive these demons, you have to destroy yourself a bit and move on bleeding. This is without a doubt the most vulnerable song Draiman has ever written.
  • "Never Again" for one of the most intense performances of Draiman's career. You can feel the impassioned fury and rage in his every note. Imagining the kinds of bleakness he must have gurgled up to write something like this, it almost becomes a tearjerker.
  • At first glance, "Decadance" doesn't sound like a tearjerker. But when you actually look at the lyrics (especially the chorus), you see a different side to the song.
    Then you slowly recall all your mind
    Why, your soul's gone cold, and all hope has run dry
    Dead inside
    Never enough to forget that you're one of the lonely
    Slowly recall all your mind
  • "Save Our Last Goodbye" is supposedly about one of Draiman's friends with pancreatic cancer who died just after surgery. The opening bars include a voicemail from said friend where he is hoping for good news, before the song starts in earnest. By the third chorus, it really sounds like David is barely holding it together.
    Save our last goodbye,
    Embedded in my mind
    Your face will never leave me;
    Save our last goodbye,
    It's killing me that I
    Won't get to hear your laughter anymore.
    • The song ends with a voicemail stating that the friend's phone number is no longer in service, symbolizing him no longer being around.
  • The lyrics to Tyrant are incredible potent to any child that's ever had to grow up with a deadbeat father, or any mother that's ever had to struggle to hold the family together.
  • Disturbed's cover of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence takes a depressing, solemn guitar song and turns it into an uber-depressing, yet beautiful, piano and orchestra song.
  • "Already Gone" ends Evolution on an extremely melancholic note. The album already had a few depressing songs, but when you hear the music along with David's voice it just becomes completely heartbreaking.
    Left me numb
    Far too many times
    To celebrate this death
    I never will forget
    And we spoke
    Oh so many times
    The words we never said
    Are the ones I most regret

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