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  • In the third episode of the TV series, both occasions where Dirk admits he's the stalker.
  • This exchange in the first episode:
    Dirk: The circumstances of my first meeting with Mr. Edwards lead me to believe that he is a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
    [Flashback; Dirk is clearly following Mr. Edwards]
    Mr. Edwards: [Suspicious] Are you following me?!
    Dirk: [Cheerfully] Yes!
  • Had a crash then?" ... "Oh. You look like you've had a crash!" This is definitely how most British people would react in this situation.
  • The pilot has Dirk's expert computer hacker be a ten year-old boy who he hands the laptop to through his school's playground gate.
    • We later find out Dirk plays the kid with cigarettes.
  • The missing Henry being a cat is a Tomato Surprise in the pilot.
  • Dirk's method of getting a doctor out of his office so he can get to some confidential files.
  • The first episode ends off with MacDuff discovering the person sending Dirk Tsundere Valentine's Day cards and stuffed animal pigs was Janice, Dirk's long-suffering secretary. MacDuff and the sender decide to forget the incident and not tell Dirk.
  • In the pilot, Macduff asks Dirk if he thinks Gordon Way and Henry's disappearances were related. Dirk responds by saying he knows nothing of Gordon Way's romantic history, feline or otherwise. When they get ahold of Gordon's therapy files, the first thing Dirk remarks on is that Gordon showed no signs of inappropriate feelings towards cats.
  • At one point in the pilot, a cat can be seen walking behind Dirk and Macduff whilst they're looking for Henry.
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  • Dirk casually eating some biscuits he took from Ruth while he, Macduff, and Susan are in the hospital.
  • Dirk getting slapped in the face with a pizza slice by the delivery boy he tried to divert so he could get the pizza for free.
  • The smirk Macduff gives Dirk as he sits down in his new chair.
  • All of Dirk's thoughts that show up on the mind-reading machine.
  • Ms. Jordan's habit of describing her late husband with vulgar profanity.
  • "Oh no, silly me. You just have a sledgehammer down your pants.
  • "So we've got elves and orcs, and now we've got ghosts?"

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