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  • Neneko: "So this is a DearS...her suit must be bonded to her on an atomic level... Nice breasts you've got."
  • In episode 9.5, Miu catches Ren "Watching porn to study Takeya's preferences in the earthling ways of sex."
    Ren: "Holy cow, that looks pretty complicated..."
    Miu: "IS SHE SPINNING!?"
  • The omakes.
    • In one omake, Natsuki tries tripping Ren over while she's carrying a bunch of melon bread. Unfortunately for her, she discovers Ren has control of her Hair Antennae.
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    • In another omake, Natsuki gives Nia her kitty eared hat as a sign of friendship. The latter immediately rips it which pisses off the former.

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