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  • Sparky, the dog, has a crossroads card that lets him strap rockets to himself and fly around the colony, raining bombs on zombies. Not only is it hilarious, but it kills eight zombies at the colony with no drawback.
    • Similarly, other than having a low Influence scorenote  Sparky operates as a perfectly normal (and surprisingly competent) human survivor. Want to equip him with a baseball bat, shotgun or sniper rifle? Amaze as Sparky, the stunt dog, gears up to take down the zombie horde!
  • Buddy Davis, the fitness guru, tries to inspire everyone by showing off his rippling muscles. He then gets hit with a can, and the resulting ruckus raises morale.
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  • Jenny, the waitress, can yell at some pennies she found to stay quiet. Then a bunch of zombies show up and she can think they're not all that bad because they smile at her. When she's seen by the watchmen at the colony talking to them, they think she's either bitten or finally lost her mind, and shoot her.
  • Forest Plum, the mall Santa, is such an in-universe The Scrappy that kicking him out raises morale.
  • If you recruit a male survivor and a helpless survivor at the same time, you are introduced to that male survivor's friend, Fat Earl, whom the survivor promised to "always keep with him". If you accept him, he eats all of your food, or you can turn Fat Earl into sandwiches, to which the survivor will remark that now he truly is always with him. This gives you five food, more than any other game ability.
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  • You can deliver a cheesy one liner, killing a zombified priest, while gathering communion wine.
  • Having Andrew Davis turn the groceries into a greenhouse in the middle of winter can be hilarious, especially when the zombies are still there.
  • You can find a horse randomly roaming around the town, which you can use to get wherever you have to go without risking damage from exposure. The second option in that crossroads card? "Sorry, buddy." Add 3 food to the supply.
  • Recruiting Colby requires the character to get naked with him. In the dead of winter.

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