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Funny / Don't Rest Your Head

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  • From the Fuck ability story:
    I was just blowing smoke with my friends the other night when I said I'd "fuck the fucking shit out of that hot ass chicklet... Worst. Literal. Sex. Ever"
  • A few more descriptions from that page:
    • If you said, "These jeans make my ass look fucking hot," then expect to have it stared at, slapped, and quite possibly asked out on a date (don't worry, the rest of you gets to join in). Then again your ass could literally explode into flame.
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    • "Tell someone 'you fucking want me', and they'll go to bed with you (even though you'd be a total fucking shitbag for using a supernatural whammy to get laid)".
  • The Innards ability, which allows you to eat anything and then excrete anything else has some funny moments too:
    • High ranks of the ability allow you to make "vegan cheese that tastes and melts like real mozzarella (though considering where it came from, who- besides you- is going to eat such miraculous ass-cheese vegan or otherwise?)..."

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