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Headscratchers / Don't Rest Your Head

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From don't lose your mind:

  • The transition from Fuck to Fuckwit, if interpret it as intensifying a certain existing aspect, then if I say "I'm so f**king sane", I should get sane, right?
    • As with all things related to the game, there's a lot at the DM's discretion. That said there's a couple reasons why this wouldn't work. First of all, you'd be using powers born of madness to cure your madness. This is a bit like asking someone to eat themselves;sure you'd be able to consume some of your limbs, but the pain would be enormous and the job left incomplete no matter what. Secondly, the touch of the Mad City isn't a simple mental condition. It's an entire other-reality inside your skull trying to claim you for it's own. Separating yourself from the Mad City - especially while you're inside the Mad City, would require a lot more power than most nightmares have.
    • That said, run it by your DM. After all, What could possibly go wrong.
    • Since most sample powers are semantic and broad, you could invent a justification to rid of your madness for almost all of them. Depending of the point of view, this would either cut you from your powers and City perception, but not from its horrors, akin to falling asleep, or grant you a delusion of sanity, making you muse about others' madness and how are you different while making all the same actions, similar to Alister Grout from Vt M: Bloodlines. Possibly - both.

  • Is it possible to kill a nightmare? Obviously, ones like Omnipotent third person should be impossible to kill, but what about Officer Tock? or the Tacks Man? If blow a bomb in its face, would it, I don't know, die?
    • One can assume that most Nightmares are mortal as people keep trying to assassinate the Wax King. The possible exception may be Mother When.
      • Although the book says that it is ambiguous if the Wax King is a Nightmare or a very powerful Awakened.
    • I think it’s possible. But, as stated on the main page, ‘possible’ and ‘easy’ are two different things. I mean, the various Nightmares managed to last THIS long, so they’d naturally need to be tough.