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Heartwarming / Dead of Winter

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  • You can rescue Sophie Robinson from a helicopter she crashes. She gives everything she has to help the new colony.
  • You can set a fire to avoid some zombies, only to be trapped in the place and rescued by Gabriel Diaz. You can either take him and his family in, or give them a gift for saving you.
  • Carla Thompson can fight an undead detective when entering the home of a deranged stalker. If she succeeds, she brings all of the other survivors photos of their loved ones, reminding them of why they're still living. It raises morale.
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  • John Price can be trapped in the school, and your character can rescue him.
  • A bigot can pick a fight in the colony, and you can expel him to ignore a crisis card.
  • Andrew Evans might be a simple farmer, but all by himself, he can build a greenhouse to supply the colony with 2 food every round. Or, he can simply make better insulation, keeping the colony warmer at night.
  • Ashley Ross, at great personal risk, can create improvements to allow the colony more space for waste, or catwalks to attack zombies without fear of exposure.
  • In general, taking in helpless survivors, who are usually implied to be children or elderly folks.
  • Maria Lopez can search through the school and find some haggard, but surviving children. She can give them food and receive an item of her choice. If not, she helps them out by unlocking the pantry.
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  • One card allows the group to spend 5 food to create a Christmas dinner, raising morale. If Forest Plum is around, he can take four cards from the Grocery Store for free if the group does so.

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