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  • A lot of survivor abilities can come off as really badass. Just to name a few:
    • Bev Russell, if there is a helpless survivor (implied to be a child) may kill two zombies at the colony without risk of exposure, with any die she wants.
    • Edward White can use a medicine to kill 3 zombies at once with no problems.
    • Thomas Heart can kill two zombies without fear of exposure at the colony.
    • Daniel Smith can kill two zombies at once, risking exposure once, at any place in the game.
    • Mike Cho can never be hit by a zombie in battle.
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  • Olivia's special card allows her to experiment on zombies. If she gets a blank result on a die (1/2 chance), she gains a token that can be used to deny anyone's result of getting bitten.
  • Edward and John, working together, can make homemade dynamite to not only destroy zombies, but create barricades from the rubble.
  • Winning the game can be very difficult, particularly trying to keep all your survivors alive. Beating the Marathon Level "X weeks of darkness" is especially challenging.
  • Mayor Brian Lee can, with a simple rousing speech, inspire the other players to, without any risk of failure, destroy all zombies at the hospital or grocery store, and set up four barricades there to block out the zombies.
  • It's a little monstrous to consider, but Roberta Plum can nullify the weakness of every helpless survivor in the game by preventing them from counting for food or zombie placement for two rounds. And all it takes is cookies laced with cough syrup.
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  • Players of the "Raxxon" board game are given two bonus survivors with respective Crossroads cards. One of them, KD James, is a CDC official who was working on a cure to the Raxxon plague before everything goes to hell. In her Crossroads card, she is trapped by a zombie and tries an experimental cure. If it succeeds, the zombie becomes human again.
  • An innocent player who is banished in the expansion becomes the leader of the Bandits. The player gets an awesome Then Let Me Be Evil speech to read aloud.