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  • Lady Zozo's introduction is a riot, with such gems such as:
    Guard: I knew it! It's a zombie! Miss, it's illegal to be a zombie!
    • As well as:
    Lady Zozo: We're not men. Well, some of my parts probably came from men...
  • When the party meets Allegro for the first time:
    Ali: (to Allegro) It's nothing personal, but you're a bard. And also yeah, it IS personal.
    • And just a little bit later, after Allegro is accepted to the party, he starts to jam on his guitar, and Solange and Zozo start to dance with him. Cue Facepalm from Ali.
  • Master T's grunt's being labeled appropiately, such as Approving Grunt and Battle Foreshadowing Grunt.
  • After the party meets Shooting Star Tsukikage, he asks Zozo to go out on a date with him after the battle against Queen Distiny and the Distron Army is over. When she rejects him, it elicits this reaction from Allegro:
    Allegro: Are you crazy!? Zozo, he's a samurai! Isn't that every girl's dream!? Heck, I'd go out with him!
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  • After Juppongi's Heel–Face Turn, he and his flunkies pull a Big Damn Heroes to hold off some dragons coming after the party. He riles up his flunkies several times, and in the last instance, Allegro joins them when they confirm their readiness. What is especially funny is how the game labels all three of them.
    Idiots Three: Yes, Boss!
  • Distille's introduction after she is revived.
    Distille: I am Dios Diablos Distille, Angel of Death, Destruction, and Awkward Social Situations!
  • Sergeant Emble and Ergeant Semble tripping over one another's lines.