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Arcane Strategist of Questionable Ways
One stop shop for moment of truth surplus

A Let's Player originating from the Something Awful forums. Ironically in spite of hisnamesake Loon's style tends to emphasize brevity and dry wit.Loon has made a tradition of playing through numerous [[Metroidvania Metroidvanias]] in a collection he refers to as "Draculhour". Adding to this is a seperate collection of playthroughs for various Paradox Interactive games.//

Each summer Loon partakes in the Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta and adds a unique gimmick condition to these "Fiesta!" playthroughs.


A_Raving_Loon's Playthroughs and Streams contain examples of:

  • Pride: "Hubris.mp4" as seen here: (
  • Flat "What": Voice Of Dog's response to Cait Sith being name "Crimblshins" in Final Fantasy VII
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Used in pretty much any game with nameable characters. To wit the following are but a few examples:
    • In Chrono Trigger the characters are named primarily after pronouns or interrogatives, giving us; Who(Chrono),What(Lucca),When(Marle),Thine(Frog),If(Robo),You(Ayla) and Oops(Magus).
    • Final Fantasy VI sees the characters named primarily after political entities and concepts (Terra becomes "Debt", Locke becomes "Taxes", Sabin becomes "FEMA" and Celes becomes "NATO".
    • Chrono Chross sees him resolve to both name and refer to each party member as "Bruse"
    • Final Fantasy VII involves the joke of using "The correct translation" of the characters' names from an unnamed Norse saga the game was loosely based on. This results in such names as "Clude", "Bjorndt", "Tyrfroya" and "Sayid" among others.
  • Take Your Time: Loon doesn't particularly try to rush anything he plays. Sometimes he actively does things as gently or slowly as possible when he sees time prompts just to challenge the notion and see if there's a consequence for waiting long enough.
  • The Quiet One: As stated above, Loon tends to be very reserved with his commentary, even moreso if he doesn't have a guest with him, unless of course something particularly interests him.

    Paradox Games 


  • Marathon Boss: The purpose of "Quickfest" was to turn the major bosses of the game into this.Explanation