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All versions

  • In "The Prince is giving a ball" the royal family all have long regal sounding names and one silly one.
    • The Prince's silly middle name is the funniest. Herman.
  • Fairy Godmother: Folderall and fiddle-dee-dee. Figgledy, faggledy, foddle, all the dreamers in the world are . . .dizzy in the noodle! In the '50s and '90s versions, she looks like HA, how's that for brilliant.
  • The "Stepsisters' Lament," in which Cinderella's stepsisters jealously ask why Prince Christopher would prefer "a girl who's merely lovely" over them.

1957 version

  • One of the maidens seen during "The Prince is Giving a Ball" exclaims, "I wish I hadn't married Stan!"
  • The Godmother becoming Sidetracked by the Analogy during Cinderella's wish.

1965 version

  • When the stepsisters practice curtseying for the prince, Prunella's knees make a cricking sound. The stepmother reminds her to rub "unicorn oil" on them, but Prunella sheepishly admits, "I did."

1997 version

  • Jason Alexander. Just...Jason Alexander.
    • The scene at the castle where they're preparing for the ball.
    Lionel: Don't worry, your Majesties! He'll meet someone tonight, I can feel it in my bones!
    Queen Constantina: You'll feel it in your bones if he doesn't. (hits the ladder and Lionel falls off. The king and the queen look back and then walk off.)
  • The whole getting-ready-for-the-ball scene. "We hide our flaws until after the wedding!"
  • Whoopi Goldberg's squeaking.
  • The stepmother flirting with Lionel at the ball.
    Stepmother: Look at you, that manly physique, those handsome chiseled features, that wonderful full head...of skin.
    Lionel: No touching, please.
    Lionel: You know, I do wish there was something between us.
    Stepmother: Really?
    Lionel: Yes. A continent!
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  • Lionel having to speed things up when presenting women to the prince.
  • The stepmother trying on the slipper.
    • And the dialog prior.
      Lionel: Are there any other young women in the house?
      Stepmother: (high-pitched voice) How young?
      Lionel: Younger than you.
  • When the spell to turn the pumpkin into a carriage fails.
    Fairy Godmother: What's the matter with me? I only do it every 600 years.
  • When writing the decree for the ball:
    Queen Constantina: His royal highness, Christopher Rupert
    Windymere Vladmyr Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman
    Lionel: Herman?
    Queen Constantina: Herman. Gregory James *spoken* He'll thank us for this later
    Is giving a ball!


2013 Version

  • When Sebastian the evil regent says that the prince should distract the commoners from their woes (namely, Sebastian stealing their property) by having a royal wedding, Topher points out he doesn't know any girls.
    "I went to an all-boys school in the woods. And then an all-boys university on an island."
    "Why did you do that to me?"

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