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  • Mr Goose is distracted by young Ella dancing with her father, and she warns him to watch where he's going. He almost walks into a horse until he takes the advice.
  • The stepsister's reaction to Ella talking to mice in the attic:
    Drizella: We've got a half-wit for a sister.
    Anastasia: (under her breath) I've got two.
  • Drizella is singing awfully, prompting Lady Tremaine to respond in the most deadpan tone, "Do shut up."
    • And Anastasia is sketching a picture of her mother. It's... not something to write home about. And when she shows it to her mother, you can tell Lady Tremaine is doing her best not to let her face fall at the sight of it.
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    • From the same scene: Lucifer's spectacular Epic Fail while trying to catch a mouse. To wit, he chases him toward a dresser and almost catches him... before whacking his head on the furniture and lying splayed out on the floor, dazed.
  • When Kit first meets Ella and tries to cover who he is, the Captain almost spoils everything.
    The Captain: Ah, there you are, Your Hi—
    Kit: It's Kit! Kit! I'm Kit! I'm on my way!
    The Captain: [catching on] Well, we'd better get a move on, [smirks] Mr. Kit.
    • The next scene, Kit is telling his father about Ella, and they end up in a good-natured disagreement.
    The King: You sound as you're the first fellow to ever meet a pretty girl-
    Kit: She wasn't a "pretty girl"! [Beat, off the King's incredulous look] Well, she was a pretty girl, but there was so much more to her!
    The King: How much more? You've only met her once. How could you know anything about her?
    Kit: You told me you knew right away when you met Mother.
    Kit: You would have loved her anyway.
    The King: I would never have seen her, because it wouldn't have been appropriate. And my father would have told me what I'm telling you- and I would have listened.
    Kit: No you wouldn't.
    The King: Yes I would.
    Kit: No you wouldn't.
    The King: I would.
    Kit: You wouldn't.
    The King: You're right.
    Kit: [grins triumphantly]
  • The entire scene with Master Phineas as he's trying to paint Kit's portrait.
    Phineas: I'm on the ground. I am literally on the ground.
    • Without even taking a breath following that line, he decides that Kit looks wonderful from that angle and asks for a longer brush.
  • The stepfamily's dumbfounded reaction to Cinderella speaking perfect French. Drizella assumed that she was actually speaking Italian.
    Anastasia: Tell me what she said, Drizella.
    Drizella: I speak French, not Italian.
  • When Ella hears about "every maiden, be they noble or commoner" being invited to the royal ball, she rushes home to tell her stepfamily. Crushed between heartwarming moment and tear-jerker are their reactions: Drizella and Anastasia practically throw themselves over the back of the couch, and Lucifer (currently in Right-Hand Cat mode for Lady Tremaine) is sent flying to the ground.
    • The stepmother gets up and sort of runs around Cinderella flailing her arms and then over to the stepsisters and tells them to calm down.
  • The Fairy Godmother and transformation scenes are crammed with these.
    • "I'm your hairy dogfather."
    • The Fairy Godmother's spaceyness in general.
      • The fact that Helena Bonham Carter seems to be on something during this role doesn't help the Fairy Godmother at all.
    • The Fairy Godmother decides to start with transforming the coach, and quizzes Ella on what the family grows in the fruit and vegetable garden.
      Fairy Godmother: Do you grow watermelons?
      Ella: No.
      Fairy Godmother: Cantaloupe?
      Ella: I don't even know what that is.
      Fairy Godmother: Artichoke? Kumquat? Beef tomato?
      Ella: We do have pumpkins?
      Fairy Godmother: Ah! (pauses and gives a slightly eh face)
    • While cutting the pumpkin's stem, the Godmother greets it with "hello, my strangely orange friend". Then, while trying to carry it out, realises that it's extremely heavy and only gets a few steps before dropping it and almost crushing the mice in the process. She then simply decides, never mind, they'll do the transformation inside the greenhouse.
      • The Godmother says that Ella's actually making her nervous. Lily James's delivery of "should I shut my eyes?" is just precious. The very idea that the Fairy Godmother has performance anxiety.
      • The goose peeping into the greenhouse to see what's happening.
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    • During the transformation: "Oh. Well something's definitely happening" and "You see, the trick is... actually, I don't remember what the trick is."
    • As the pumpkin turns into the carriage, it starts growing and Ella has an Oh, Crap! face when she realises they're still inside the greenhouse.
      "I just- I just, thought, if it- it does get much bigger..."
    • And when it does get much bigger, Ella and the Godmother are left pressed against the walls of the greenhouse.
      Ella: Is that what you meant to do?
      Godmother: Do you think that's what I meant to do?!
    • The mice, transformed into the four white horses, briefly retain their large rounded mouse ears and whiskers.
    • The goose is transformed into the coachman, and immediately says, "I can't drive, I'm a goose."
    • The Godmother mentioning that she's "rather good at shoes" before creating the iconic glass slippers.
      Ella: (in awe) But... they're made of glass?
      The Fairy Godmother: Yes... and you'll find they're really comfortable.
  • Princess Chelina of Zaragosa makes a comment on Kit's kingdom being "little", to his father's chagrin. Kit replies in a flat tone, "I hope the princess doesn't find our 'little kingdom' too confining," causing the King to crack a satisfied smile.
  • The stepsisters are both distracted by Cinderella's dress and how pretty she is after the Dance of Romance, before Lady Tremaine whacks them with her fan and reminds them that they're trying to catch the prince's attention for themselves.
    • And Lady's Tremaine coaching her daughters from the sidelines of the ballroom. It includes her repeatedly urging them to smile, pointing them in the right direction when they veer too far from the prince, and boosting her chest suggestively.
  • Kit using an Exact Words loophole logic when he and Ella first speak in private during the ball:
    Ella: So you're the prince!
    Kit: Well, I'm not the prince... exactly. There are plenty of princes in the world, I'm just a prince.
    Ella: But- your name's not really Kit.
    Kit: Oh, no, certainly it is. My father still calls me that, when he's especially- un-peeved at me.
    Ella: But- you're no apprentice.
    Kit: I am! An apprentice monarch, still learning my trade.
  • As Cinderella is hurrying to leave, we cut to one of the lizard footmen who's asleep at the carriage. He wakes up upon hearing a fly buzzing, then eats it with his lizard tongue and goes back to sleep.
  • As Ella's fleeing from the ball, the Captain sums the situation up quite nicely.
    "I was having a fine old time. You had to go and pick that one, didn't you."
  • While the search itself is funny seeing the Epic Fail that the Duke puts out for the search, one maiden, an over weight baker, tries to take off her shoe...cue the mass faint from her SmellyFeet. She just sheepishly blames the yeast while everyone just stares in bewilderment.
    • An elderly woman wants to try the glass slipper, but the Captain flat out refuses and leaves. Also, several women who don't look anything like Cinderella try the slipper.
  • While Tremaine is insisting that there's no one singing in the house, despite Ella's voice being heard clear as a bell, the Captain gives us this gem.
    Captain: Then has your cat learned to sing? (Cue indignant hissing from Lucifer.)
  • Behind the scenes, shooting of the ballroom sequence was less glamorous than it appeared on screen in the initial days. Lily James had drank a lot of coke to give herself energy for the night shoots - before realising she would be wearing a very tight corset. Richard Madden jokes that production would occasionally have to shut down so Lily could unstrap the corset and have a good burp.
  • Richard Madden had to spend some time testing out different jock straps in order to make sure nothing could be seen under the light - given that it's a Disney film and he'd be wearing Painted-On Pants.
    • Every part of that process sounds utterly mortifying - from having to stand around desperately avoiding eye contact as the producers discussed his package, to the one jockstrap that was too tight and brought him to tears.
  • "I have to leave. It's hard to explain. Lizards and pumpkins and... things."