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  • In the opening song, a teacher mentions that her students were happy to hear they'd only have half a day's worth of classes in the morning, "Until I told 'em we'd have the other half in the afternoon!"
  • The first lines sung in the play are:
  • During "Blankets and Bedding," Janice Mosher informs viewers that the Lions' Club is looking for some toilet paper. A few lines later...
    Janice: For the love of God, stop bringing toilet paper to the Lions' Club!
    • In the same song, after Oz has made multiple supply runs to the local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy for toiletries, diapers, and formula (with each verse beginning "So I'm back to Shoppers..."):
      Beulah: You know, those planes are probably filled with women of childbearing age?
      Oz: So...?
      Beulah: So I'm back to Shoppers to pick up as many pads and tampons as they have!
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  • Bonnie determines to go into the plane holds and look for stranded animals, telling Doug her intentions over the phone. Doug tries to dissuade her, telling her there are armed guards swarming the planes already. In what doubles as a Moment of Awesome, Bonnie quips, "Well, then they'll have to shoot me," before hanging up on Doug.
  • The Running Gag of the hockey rink, also known as "The World's Largest Walk-in Refrigerator."
  • Doug finds out that there could be a bomb on the plane that Bonnie is feeding animals on. Cue Doug panicking. Cue Bonnie panicking. Cue the discovery that Bonnie is panicking because she just found a pair of bonobos on the plane.
  • Doug and Bonnie get another after they have an argument and he states he is going over to the air traffic control room...while all flights to, from, and in North American airspace are grounded.
    Bonnie: Doug, look up. D'ya see anythin' flying?
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  • This scene:
    Janice: There's some people down at the Moose Club that's looking to try some elk. Oh, sorry. That's the Elks Club, looking for moose.
  • Kevin J. is not a secretary. He's a sexy-tary.
    • Later, at the bar, Kevin lets this slip.
    Townsman: Are you... gay?
    [The Kevins look horrified]
    Townsman: Well, praise be to God! My daughter's gay!
    • The Kevins are promptly informed of a gay sister, a neighbor that ran off with her best friend, and an old man's sixty-eight-year-old uncle who had just come out as bisexual. Kevin T. jokes that there must be something in the water.
      Old Man: That's why I only drink the beer!
    • Before Kevin J.'s slip-up, Kevin T. informs the audience that they're Flying Under the Gaydar because "you just don't know where the red states are in a foreign country."
  • When Beulah lists off the various (Christian) religious groups in Gander, she includes "Salvation Army-ist".
  • The story of Ralph, the cocker spaniel.
    Bonnie: Now, I know the night crew ran you to the ground, so I want you to get some sleep on the plane. Okay?
    [Ralph barks]
    Bonnie: Okay.
    • In real life, it took Bonnie Harris and the other SPCA workers a little while to figure out why Ralph was acting oddly near the end of the week. He was a puppy at the time, and it turned out that the night crew was keeping him up all night, playing with him, so he was very much exhausted come Sunday.
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  • This gem, while Bonnie is trying to get permission to take the animals off the planes:
    Doug: FAA was pretty clear about "No rare chimpanzees on Canadian soil."
    Bonnie: [hands him a bucket] Doug. Take that.
    Doug: -what is that?
  • The various mayors Bob lists off are all played by Claude, wearing glasses, a hat, a fake mustache Annette holds up to his face...
    • Later, Bob is instructed to round up all the grills for a community barbecue. Instead of being shot, he's offered a cup of tea at every house, and some people even help him steal their barbecues.
      Bob: After that, I stop worrying about my wallet so much.
    • When it's time to go, Bob says his goodbyes to the mayor of Appleton, who hosted him.
      Bob: How can I ever thank you?
      Mayor: Ah, don't worry about it! You'd have done the same.
      Bob: I drank all your whiskey.
      Mayor: I'd've done the same.
  • Annette's elaborate fantasies involving her interactions with minor male characters, including the gym teacher, one of the pilots, and several cardiologists who were flying to a convention. Beulah keeps trying to point out that's not exactly what happened, only to have Annette shush her.
  • A lot of the alternating narration can result in funny moments. For example, when the Kevins go out exploring with Nick and Diane:
    Kevin T.: Kevin and I are a little wary of telling people we're together.
    Kevin J.: I mean you just don't know how redneck people can be.
    Diane: This nice gay couple come along with us.
    • Also this:
      Garth: We rarely use them but everyone's dusted off their Salvation Army uniforms to welcome our guests.
      Muhumuza: (obviously scared) There are soldiers everywhere!
  • This exchange:
    Ali: Miss Beulah? (holds out his dish of food) What is this?
    Ali stares at her as though he misunderstood
    Ali: Are you sure I cannot help with the food?
    • After he returns home, Ali writes to Beulah asking for the recipe.
  • The Lame Excuse that one pilot gives for why the plane is being diverted to Gander (they've been told not to tell people what's going on).
    There's a problem with the... cabin lighting system, so we're just gonna touch down.


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