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Live-Action TV

  • Saturday Night Live: In the Season 45 episode hosted by Chance the Rapper, Chance preceded his performance of the Cinderella-inspired "Zanies and Fools" with a home movie of his daughter singing her own version of "Impossible."


  • Chance the Rapper's and Nicki Minaj's "Zanies and Fools" borrows the title from Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother singing that "the world is full of zanies and fools...". The song intersperses a chorus chanting, "It's possible," to the melody of the identically-named R&H song, with two real-life "fairy tales" — one in which Chance finds love with and marries Kristen Corley, and one in which Nicki Minaj goes from Rags to Riches.

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