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  • The original 2e previews give us this pearl in the description of the "Brewer" Kith, which allows you to brew powerful poisons and alcohols:
    "Never let Sara mix you a drink. The last time she played bartender for the freehold, we all woke up three days later in a clearing in the Hedge with a gang of Goblins calling Joe "Your majesty"."
  • Thanks to the new mechanics for Pledges in 2E, Changelings can now "seal" any promise made by another character, making him obligated to fulfill that promise unless he wants to suffer a repercussion — and the game is very versatile about what qualifies as a "promise". As an example, the original previews suggest to place a seal when someone says "I'm going to kick your ass", thus making the person obligated to indeed kick the ass of whoever he was talking to.
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  • In the original 2e previewsnote , one of the new merits, "Hob Kin", allows you to establish companionship with vaguely humanoid hobgoblins known as Hobs, giving you a bonus in social maneuver toward them and the ability to have them take refuge in your Hollow to serve as watchdogs. The drawback to this option is summarized in a single sentence:
    "Have you smelled a Hob?"

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