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Think about it, how can you truly be sure which is The Mask and which is The Mien? Occam's razor doesn't apply to dream logic ...

Syzygy True Fae pairings are made up of Changelings who reached Wyrd 10 and their Fetches

It makes sense. Fetches gain points of Wyrd when their corresponding Changelings do. What happens to a Fetch whose counterpart has reached the pinnacle of the Wyrd? Quite possibly the same thing that happens to the Changeling.


The True Fae were originally all humans transformed by the Wyrd
.Humans altered by the Wyrd to become Changelings can eventually turn into True Fae themselves. Perhaps the very first True Fae was a human who stumbled into Arcadia, and had to become part of it to survive... then started bringing more humans in...

As a corollary to the above.
There is no Arcadia. Just uber-hollows that have gravitated toward each other and have become linked.

The first True Fae were created by a far fouler force.

The True Fae reproduce themselves through abusing the Changelings, violating their identity and warping them to their selfish vision. How could have this cycle started? What if the first True Fae were created through unadorned, mundane abuse? Perhaps the pain and violation applied to a normal person had once gathered such mass and momentum that the misery broke reality, giving birth to Arcadia and the Wyrd. Perhaps the abuse one can inflict on another is the most powerful superpower in the World of Darkness.</grimdark>

Geniuses Are A Type of Changeling Gone Horribly Wrong

No Genius knows where Inspiration comes from. Possibly they're an experiment on behalf of the True Fae...


In The Dreaming, you play a True Fae. You don't notice anything unusual because mad capriciousness is normal to you.

True Fae are Arcadian Exarchs

In addition to the Iron Seals, the Seers mythology numbers the Exarchs in the thousands, each of whom has a number of Ochema (albeit a smaller number than the 77 of the Seals). The True Fae are these lesser Exarchs, and each Title allows them another Ochema; when they lose all of those titles, their "true names" (true selves) are forced to the surface.

The Vardøgers are True Fae creations

The Vardøgers are critters from the Summoners sourcebook, Fate-associated Fae from the Supernal version of Arcadia. When summoned, they allow a mage to get back someone they lost - by replacing that person and altering Fate so that things took a different path. The theory: that a Vardøger is essentially a very well-made Fetch, and summoning one alerts one of the Gentry that make them to send one out and take the original for themselves. Of course, this implies, much more strongly than some other theories, that Mage Arcadia and Changeling Arcadia are one and the same.

  • Problem: While the Vardøgers aren't perfect copies, it's not because they're capricious-rather, their very presence "overwrites" Fate in some way, leading to some...very strange anomalies (such as the person they're a copy of still existing, only amnesiac). Worse (for the WMG), however it that they're...really nice. If you confront them with evidence that their existence is the result of magic, they'll leave without fuss and put everything back the way it was. No "Caprice of the Fae" here.
    • Perhaps the Vardøgers are Fetches, but ones formed by the summoning Mage, and thus by something that has at least a modicum of humanity, which is passed on to the Vardøger.

It's Actually More Hopeful of a Game Than Dreaming
When you think about it, there's actually a lot of ways for a Lost to avoid "inevitable doom", and retain access to his power-don't increase Wyrd past five dots, fulfill your pledges and avoid sucky ones, interact with humans. With those rules in mind, one can easily keep the Clarity up and avoid attracting True Fae attention, whilst retaining a longish lifespan and Contracts.
  • I'd agree. Consider: Changeling: The Dreaming never suggests Winter can be avoided. It's inevitable. The horror comes entirely from the total inability to avoid the obliteration of all you hold dear. By contrast, Changeling: The Lost opens with the greatest triumph you will ever have or need. From here it's on you. You may fail. But you have every chance to carve out a life. To survive. And to create something better.
    • You can increase your Wyrd to 9 dots without going insane and have all sorts of the fun True Fae abilities while not going insane by joining the Office Of Vizieral Counsel, gaining resistances to Derangements, immunities to Major Frailities, Immortality, all at the cost of not being a backstabbing scumbag to your kin, kith, and king.
  • I agree even before considering inevitable dooms and all that. In fact, I kind of consider Ct L to be the most hopeful and cheery of all the Wo D splats, old or new. Maybe it's just how strongly it maps onto experiencing the LGBT community, though... (particularly pre-Web 2.0). I mean, I literally cannot see Courts as anything other than an analogue for ball culture.

The Hedge is a Watchtower viewed from the outside
Awakening souls go through the "vascular tissue" of the Thorns, which somehow insulates them from the more severe effects of the Arcadian locale.
  • As of Imperial Mysteries, the answer is...probably not, if you say the Old Gods of the Thistle and True Fae are one and the same. As it is, it's more likely a form of Dhatu (divine domain).

Characters who are or narrowly avoided becoming Changelings:
  • Sarah from Labyrinth, as well as baby Toby, managed to escape Arcadia. Sarah probably would have ended up as a Fairest, and Toby as one of Jareth's Goblins.
  • Allan from Jumanji. The world of Jumanji is clearly a part of Arcadia, the various things coming out of it are probably all Hedge Beasts. Allan was probably on the way to becoming a Wizened Woodwalker. Whether Allan (and the other players) escaped a Durance or not is up for debate.
  • Greg and Wirt from Over the Garden Wall.
  • Christine Daae from The Phantom of the Opera, who either became or escaped becoming a Nightsinger Darkling.
  • Oz Vessalius from PandoraHearts.
  • Charlie Bucket, and possibly the other four Golden Ticket winners.
  • Tad from The 7th Guest, who escaped from the Stauf mansion as a Gameplayer Wizened.
  • Ib and Garry, who were both able to escape Durances.
  • Genki from Monster Rancher.
  • The title character from Coraline
  • The Villain Protagonist of Irisu Syndrome!, an unearthly pale Beast who lured her romantic rival into a Hedge-ringed campsite where she was vulnerable. Uuji is an Artist whose drawings are so full of despair they exacerbate madness.
  • Tom from Tom Goes to the Mayor, for whom the series is actually a Durance.

Bill Cipher is a True Fae
I mean, seriously, he fits basically every characterization we saw in True Fae: Eldritch Abomination with Blue-and-Orange Morality? Check. Unstable and volatile? Check. Loves to torment mortals for fun? Check. Banes (the Unicorn hair)? Check. Works through deals? Check. The only thing missing basically is the weakness to Cold Iron, and nothing exists to contradict the possibility he might be affected by it.
  • If I remember correctly, Cold Iron is a faerie's weakness because a long time ago they pissed the entire concept off. Maybe Bill never did, or appeased it somehow.

The Hedge is the physical embodiment of a Pledge between the True Fae and Humanity.
If there's one thing for sure, it's that the True Fae are godlike monstrosities in their own realms, and this is reflected best in Arcadia. However, they're limited in reality to the point that most dislike staying there. On the other hand, mortals have basically conquered the Earth, but one step into Arcadia and they're incapable of feeling warmth from fire, getting nutrients from food and whatnot unless they become included in the contracts that allow them to be, which comes from being claimed by a True Fae.

What if the reason the True Fae haven't full scale ravaged reality is because there was a pact made between humans and the Fae? This pact kept the Fae from harming humanity, in exchange for some small consessions...namely, the people who could be kidnapped? Of course, there is enough wiggle room in that not all True Fae succeed, and even then there's nothing saying that the kidnappees have to stay there.

As a result of this Pledge, the Hedge (notice how they rhyme?) grew between Earth and Arcadia. The Thorns act as a deterrent from either side going in or out as they please, especially with their soul-tearing abilities.


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