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Haiku / Changeling: The Lost

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Who is this creature
With horned brow and pointed ears
That's in my mirror?

"Fairest of Them All"
Is a cold comfort to me
In dreams not my own.

Bad-Touched By Vorlons
We try to rebuild our lives
And, quite often, fail.

You're a magical
abuse victim, you managed
to escape? Enjoy madness.

"Go to hell, you dick!"
Oh, stupid pledges, I guess I'll
talk to a Sin-Eater...

Flight from durance vile.
Mark'd by time, no more myself.
Who am I and what?


False without, within.
True within and false without.
Which of us is Fetch?

Captive was I then.
Captive still to memory.
Freedom's kindness sought.

Fourfoot Beast no more.
No more lost in wolf's dark shape.
Still I hunt in dreams.


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