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Funny / Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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  • Gabriel throwing the grenade back to the goblins upon his first sight of them!
  • "Down here, you bitch!"
    • Zobek also used the word "bitch" once in one of his narrations.
  • Gabriel's funny scream as he gets lifted to the final platform after defeating the Dracolich.
  • Gabriel's little smirk before doing the classic "let go of the rope during tug-of-war" trick against the evil butcher.
  • At one point, Gabe lands on a platform to come face to face with a little troll that roars at him, he ignores it and the pest looks disheartened. There's a pause, then a much bigger troll appears from behind and grabs you with its giant mits.
  • As Gabs turns a crank you can see a skeleton behind him in the distance. He cranks down, putting the skeleton off-screen, and when he comes back up, the skeleton is a bit closer every time. This continues until the skeleton is right on top of him, at which point, Belmont finally stops and looks around.
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  • The Necromancer's monologue. The motion capture and the ham makes it absolutely hilarious and very hard to take seriously.
  • At one point in the second DLC, you come across a dead knight holding a scroll. When you get past the Fridge Logic of how he got there, and specifically on a pillar drifting on molten lava in an Eldritch Location, you see that his scroll mentions "The Beast of Aaaargh". And then, the game tells you that you're not sure if it's the beasts' real name, or if the one writing it wrote his pain. note 

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