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  • "Look what I have created! I! Have made FIRE!!"
    • And before that: "I did it! Hehehe... HA HA HA HA! FIIRRRREEEE!!"
    • Not to mention his crazed victory dance.
  • Most of the scenes with Wilson that aren't tragic.
    "Here we go, Wilson! You don't have to worry about anything! I do all the paddling! You just hang on!"
    • Even the tragic scenes can become funny when you remember that Wilson is just a volleyball.
  • "I'll be right back!"
  • The fact that FedEx made this Super Bowl commercial.
  • Chuck attempting to break open a coconut is rather hilarious (especially when the rock he's smashing against it shatters), particularly for anyone who has never seen an unhusked coconut and doesn't know how tough the husks can be.
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  • Near the end of the film, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene where there's a volleyball in the back of his car.
  • The Lost Dialogue of Wilson the Volleyball, full stop.

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