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Tear Jerker / Cast Away

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WARNING! Spoilers ahead!
  • The loss of Wilson during Chuck's escape from the island. It says a lot about Robert Zemeckis' directing skill and Tom Hanks' acting skill that this movie can make you cry over the loss of a volleyball.
  • When Chuck and Wilson finally escape the waves surrounding the island, they're happy... But the long look they take at the island that kept them alive for years, a second home for Chuck, is still pretty sad. What makes it even more effective is that this is the first time the film's theme plays. Up until this point, the only music has been licensed songs - and during Chuck's time on the island, nothing. So as Chuck's leaving with Wilson and looking back at his island, this gorgeous, melancholy music plays, and makes it even more bittersweet.
  • The revelation that Chuck had contemplated suicide while on the island - and circumstances conspired to prevent even this.
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  • Chuck's monologue to Stan:
    "And now, here I am. I'm back. In Memphis, talking to you. I have ice in my glass... And I've lost her all over again!"
  • The scene when Chuck and Kelly meet again...and she reveals she's gotten married and started a family.
    "I knew. I knew you were alive, but everyone kept sayin', I had to stop loving you. I had to let you go."
  • After their Kiss In The Rain:

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