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Heartwarming / Cast Away

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  • On the plane ride back home, Stan tells Chuck about the funeral they held for him. Chuck thinks on this for a moment, then realizes that he must have missed the funeral for Stan's wife Mary. He sincerely apologizes for not having been there. Guy was stranded on an island for years through no fault of his own, and he's the one apologizing.
  • The final scene in the movie has Chuck finally setting out to deliver that one package. And what's riding in the seat next to him? A brand new Wilson volleyball. D'aww...
    • Which you can interpret one of two ways: either he's committed to finally delivering that package on his cross-country road trip, or he basically brought a new friend along to keep him company.
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    • Less plausible, but perhaps Take a Third Option: the cargo ship that saved Chuck might have recovered Wilson as well. In the end, the True Companions made it out together and alive!

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