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Chuck and Bettina will eventually get together.
Both have had a significant chunk of their life torn away: Bettina, discovering that her husband was unfaithful and the implied subsequent divorce; and Chuck, trying to re-discover himself after five years of solitude. Just as her angel-wing package provided a mental anchor for him on the island, ultimately he will seek her out as a mental anchor, a sort of substitute Wilson, as he rebuilds his life. It probably won't work out in the long run, but she seemed secure with herself post-divorce, and could probably help him come to terms with everything that's happened to him. Not to mention the film ends with him smiling in the direction of her truck.

Chuck wasn't serious about committing suicide.
Out of various other methods he had at his disposal and could have tried, he chose hanging. Not only that, but hanging from the top of the island. He could have used any tree to hang himself. He could have slit his wrists with anything sharp. He could have drowned himself. Instead he thinks up a complicated way that requires testing. This guy wasn't serious, when it came down to it - just lost.
  • The fact that he tests the tree up there first indicates that he wants a painless death - he even mentions this later. Presumably death by ice-skate would just be too painful. Also... Chuck then has an epiphany about "Keep Breathing" straight after the test-hanging fails. He may have been serious at first, but changed his mind.

Leatherface is in the house at the end.
The house at the end of the movie is in Texas. Enough said.
  • Fridge Horror: If Chuck follows the woman back to her house and knocks on the door, Leatherface will come out, hit him in the head with a hammer, drag his body into the house, and shut the door...

Cast Away takes place in the same universe as Toy Story.
Hence why the woman called Chuck a cowboy at the end of the movie. Toy Story ends on December 25, 1995, the day that Chuck gets stranded on an island. After escaping Sid's house, Woody found a way to shapeshift into a human from time to time. When he befriended Wilson on the island, he was actually befriending a living toy. This makes Wilson's falling adrift at sea and Chuck's failure to save him all the more sad. When Chuck returned home in 1999, he met Bo Peep again. It turns out that she also found out how to turn into a human. As for the dog, it is Slinky turned into a real dog. They then decided to return to Andy and become toys for the events of Toy Story 2.

The island is The Island from Lost
The island does not want Chuck Noland, though, so it simply isolates him only showing him a limited part, and lets him go in the end. This also explains the inexplicable breakers all around.

It took Chuck some time to get through to people who he was, which is why it took four weeks to get back.
First he had to wait for the ship he was on to get where it was going. Then he had to contact American authorities and convince them he was who he was. Then FedEx had to check thing out.

Somewhere, there is someone completely flabbergasted as to why there is a mangled volleyball washed up on the beach.
It's kinda obvious, right? Wilson washes away. Wilson lands on the beach. He can't be floating around forever.

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