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  • Weekly's giddy face when he spies Huk and Jezebel having sex.
    Weekly: I love this job!
  • Blacksad says flatly that he "woke up depressed" after being beaten to within an inch of his life, stumbling to his apartment, and being thrown in jail the night before. His bruised and pathetic face in the mirror really completes the moment.
  • Blacksad visiting a college professor whith some students in the background, causing every single female student's head to snap towards him. As he leaves, we see the same students now arguing with their boyfriends.
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  • In A Silent Hell, Weekly just keeps running into attractive women, even including a few who find him attractive. But every time it happens, work gets in the way and he never gets to enjoy either the view or the attention for more than a few seconds.
  • In Amarillo:
    • Blacksad arguing with a biker gang to prevent them from lynching Chad and Abe for having tried to steal one of their bikes. The bikers find it hilarious that his argument is interrupted by the two writers stealing his car behind his back.
    • Neal tidying himself up for the sake of a pretty woman who just caught his eye, only for Blacksad to reveal that she's his sister.
    • The two FBI agents during the chase scene, especially when Pop the Tires turns wrong.

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